1833: Juan Miguel Anzar comes to Alta California from Mexico (1839 Grantee of Santa Ana y Quien Sabe)

Juan Miguel Anzar came from Mexico with his brother Padre Jose Antonio Anzar, who was the last of the Franciscan Priests at San Juan Bautista.

Marjorie Pierce's book "East of the Gabilans." p. 116

December 29, 1838, the Rancho Santa Ana grant was first requested by Manuel Larios & Juan Miguel Anzar; Larios managed Anzar's properties. The petition was referred to the Ayuntamiento to which (sic) reported that the lands could be granted.

Monday, April 8, 1839, Ranchos Santa Ana and Quien Sabe were granted to Larios and Anzar by a concession declaring them owners by Governor Juan B. Alvarado, granting them equal shares. Source: Suit: v2 p.249-250

May 1, 1860: US Patent: Pres. James Buchanan in Washington "caused these letters to be made patent" Combined Ranch (stating boundaries): patented to Manuel Larios et. al California State Map ID number: MC 4:4-574 Grant number: 237 book A patents p 55-62