1834-12-07 – Francisco del Castillo Negrete requests grant of Quien Sabe

From Californio Families, A Brief Overview

by Alexander V. King

“In 1834, Mexican authorities, motivated by political considerations as well as the Russian presence above the San Francisco Bay at Fort Ross, organized a hapless enterprise called the “Hijar-Padres Colony”. Recruited from Mexico City and the Valley of Mexico, among those that settled in Alta California permanently were Jose Abrego, Juan N. Ayala, Charles Baric, Mariano Bonilla, Jose Ygnacio Franco Coronel, Jose Maria Covarrubias, Nicanor Estrada, Zenon Fernandez, Gumesindo Flores, Francisco Guerrero, Auguste Janssens, Francisco Castillo Negrete, Jesus Noe, Francisco Ocampo, Simon O’Donoju, Agustin Olvera, Victor Prudon, Jose de la Rosa and Florencio Serrano. Jose Maria Hijar (the financier) and Jose Maria Padres (the organizer)”http://www.sfgenealogy.com/spanish/calfam.htm

Sunday, December 7, 1834, Francisco Javier del Castillo Negrete presented to the political chief of California (under Governor Jose Figueroa, who was Governor of the Territory of Alta California from January 15, 1833 to September 28, 1835) his petition for a grant of Quien Sabe and a decree of concession was duly signed by Governor Castro (September 29, 1835 – January 1, 1836).



He tried but failed to secure a grant.

Diseños & Court Case info:



From: U.S. District Court. California, Southern District. Land case 370 SD, page 113; land case map D-1414 (Bancroft Library). Francisco del Castillo Negrete, clmt.


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