1835-09-29: Jose Castro becomes Governor ad interim of Alta California

On the death of Jose Figueroa (who appointed him on August 29, 1835), José Castro became the eighth Mexican governor of Alta California for his first term; September 29, 1835 to January 1836.

He later served a second term from November to December, 1836.




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1835-09-29: Governor Figueroa died of apoplectic stroke

September 29, 1835 – Governor José Figueroa, born in 1792, died of apoplexy. "His demise initiated a decade of chaos unprecedented even in California's turbulent past."

Fink, Augusta. Monterey: The Presence of the Past. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1972. p. 70


In his August 9, 1834 proclamation, he had begun the process of secularization and dispersement of the mission properties by granting many ranchos to Californians.


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