1836-05-03: Mariano Chico becomes Governor of Alta California

May 3, 1836, Mariano Chico becomes Governor of Alta California.

"After Figueroa's death in September 1835, Mariano Chico was appointed governor in January 1836, but he was very unpopular. Thinking a revolt was coming, he returned to Mexico to gather troops, but was reprimanded for leaving his post. Nicolas Gutierrez, the military commandante, assumed the governorship, but he too was unpopular. Alvarado (now senior member of the legislature) and [José] Castro, with political support from Vallejo and assistance from a group of Americans led by Isaac Graham, staged a revolt and forced Gutierrez to relinquish power"


"In January 1836, [Abel] Stearns was appointed to the "Comision de Policia" or the Committee for Public Order in Los Angeles. This was a vigilante group as there was no formal law enforcement in the pueblo at the time. Later that same year, California was saddled with another unpopular governor from Mexico: Mariano Chico. Chico thought it was reprehensible what Stearns and the other instigators of the Victoria revolt did to depose the former governor. Stearns was again ordered exiled to Mexico, this time by Governor Chico. But as in 1831, Stearns was allowed to remain while his nemesis, the Mexican governor was ousted instead. Chico remained in power only two months whereupon he forced to leave on the very ship which he ordered to have Stearns taken to Mexico.

Kielbasa, John R. Historic Adobes of Los Angeles County c 1997

"Chico clashed with Californios when he insisted on centralized government. He left to seek aid to subdue his charges and never returned. He served from January 2 to May 1, 1836."


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