1839-03-30: Anzar and Larios request Quien Sabe to be added to their claim

Manuel Larios and Juan Miguel Anzar presented to the prefect of the "1s" District their joint petition in which they recited their former petition on the 29th December 1839 and pray in addition for Quien Sabe.

That neither of said petitioners contained any further description of said Ranchos, than in the petition of the Negretes and none of them make mention of the quantity of land in either or both of said pieces.

Prefect ordered petitions of Anzar and Larios to be attached.

Abstract, v2. p.249


1839-03-20: Prefect reported to Governor that Santa Ana could be granted

Prefect Don José Ramón Estrada reported to Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado that the Santa Ana lands could be granted to petitioners Juan Miguel Anzar and Manuel Larios.

Abstract, v2 p. 249

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1839-03-12: Governor referred petition for Santa Ana to prefect.

Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado referred the petition for Santa Ana to prefect Don José Ramón Estrada.

Abstract. v2. P.249

prefect – governmental official during the Mexican Period, subordinate to the governor, who administered a prefectura.