1839-04-09: US District Court’s Interpretation of Grant of Santa Ana y Quien Sabe

A grant was made by the governor to Juan Miguel Anzar and Manuel Larios which vested in them jointly and in equal shares an inchoate and imperfect but equitable title in and to the lands called Santa Ana and Quien Sabe.

That said grant referred to said maps mentioned in finding No 14 but the grant does not otherwise specify either the extent or boundaries of the said Ranchos or either of them.

That the grant contains the usual conditions and reservations the surplus after making the juridicial measurement therein provided to be made to the nation and if any of the conditions be contravened that said lands may be denounced by another.

That said lands were granted as one tract.

That no juridicial possession was ever given or survey made until the making and final approval of the United States Survey hereinafter mentioned.

That the quantity of lands granted was not ascertained until 12 December 1856 where the final decree of said United States District Court was made.

Abstract, v2. p.249-50


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