1848-01-24: Gold Discovered at Sutter’s Mill

Gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, in El Dorado County, above Sutter's Fort.


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1848: Francisco Serrano Surveys Santa Ana y Quien Sabe with Anzar and Larios

Juan Miguel Anzar and Manuel Larios engaged Francisco Serrano as a scrivener to go with them to the Ranchos take notes of boundaries and make partition and both went with him and and pointed out the line which they agreed upon as a dividing line.

This line corresponded exactly with the line described in the instrument hereinafter mentioned (describes line); all returned to the house of the Aromas rancho where Serrano made a rough draft of the agreement, read it to them, they agreed to it and aferwards Serrano reduced it to its present shape (as in complaint) and the instrument was kept by Serrano.

That before going to the Rancho, it was agreed that each should pay to Serrano 1/2 the value of his services.

That neither said anything about payment after they came from the Ranchos, no payment was made and no copy of original document delivered and said original was kept by the said Serrano until three or four years after the death of said Anzar when Larios sent his son to Serrano at the said town of Monterey to obtain the instrument and upon paying Serrano $100 for his services in and about the business, Serrano delivered the document to the son who gave it to his father and it has ever since been in the custody of Manuel Larios and his representatives.

That after the signing of the document and in 1848, the cattle and horses of Juan Miguel Anzar were gathered up and taken on to the Quien Sabe where corrals were built and houses for his servants and the cattle &c. of Larios were gathered up and taken on to the Santa Ana. The cattle of both roaming however over the mountain range at will, but separation was made and cattle marked at certain times.

That the Anzar house on Santa Ana was occupied by Hernandez to whom Anzar had let his cattle on Quien Sabe Rancho for 3 years and afterwards Anzar permitted the house to be occupied by a widow woman, and to this occupation by Anzar and his tenants Larios did not object. 

That Larios, during 1st year said premises were occupied, jointly took care of Anzar's cattle upon terms, and at end of year Larios Rodeo'd the cattle and separated Anzar's from his own and sent Anzar's to Quien Sabe pointing out to the Brothers Higuen who took charge of them the dividing line mentioned in said instrument. 

That ever since the death of Anzar, the said Rodeo line has been observed. 

Dividing Line between Santa Ana and Quien Sabe was supposed to be:
From the creek called Arroyo del Pecacho running along the summit of the mountains or ridge which separated the two places in all the meandering of the said ridge passing by the place called Aguage (watering place?) del Clerigo, leaving in the side of Juan Anzar the place called Llanitos and there turning and running to a point called Puerto del Rosario.

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