1853-11-19: Hawes Receives from Larios One Tenth of [Unknown Parcel]

Saturday, November 19, 1853 – Horace Hawes, Lawyer, receives from Don Manuel Larios, for legal help with the land commission for Ranchito de San Antonio near the Pueblo de San Juan Bautista; one tenth (decimo) of the confirmed territory (what territory?) (in Spanish).

Agreements, Book A, p. 54.

NOTE: Did Horace Hawes own 1/10th of the Quien Sabe that he bought from William Carey Jones (which could have actually been 1/20th of the combined Santa Ana y Quien Sabe); and this new 1/10th of Manuel Larios’ Santa Ana (which was also still a part of the combined ranch?)? If so, then he owned 1/10th of the combined Santa Ana y Quien Sabe ranch.


1853-11-01: Joaquin Bolado becomes a Citizen of the United States

November 1, 1853 – Joaquin Bolado filed a Declaration of Intention for Naturalization at the 3rd Judicial District, County of Monterey, California.

November 1, 1853 - Joaquin Bolado filed a Declaration of Intention for Naturalization

I, Joaquin Bolado a native of the Province of Santander Spain of the age of Thirty one

years, and last a residentof Mexico + a subject of Isabel the 2d Queen of Spain do declare an oath that it is ‘bona fide” my intention to become a Citizen of the United States of America + do renounce forever all Allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince potentate, State or Sovereignty Whatever, + particularly to the afore said Isabel 2d Queen of Spain

Sworn to + subscribed

Joaquin Bolado

before me this First day of November AD 1853

Jas H. Gleason
Clerk of said county

Per Edw Le Williams
Deputy Dr.

Back Side: Declaration of Intention of Joaquin Bolado

Filed Nov. 1. 1813

Jas. H Gleason

Per Edu Le Williams
Dep Dr

A high resolution color scan of this document has been given to the Museum at Bolado Park, Tres Pinos, California.

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