1854-11-08: Anzar estate: final account of Anzar estate executor filed

Wednesday, November 8, 1854: Anzar estate: final account of Juan Miguel Anzar estate executor filed.

A prob. min 191.

Petition for settlement of final account filed.

Notice of hearing and certificate of posting filed.

Abstract v.2 p.190

1854-11-07: Bolado/Arques suit: Board of Land Commissioners: Anzar heirs substituted as claimants

Tuesday, November 7, 1854: Per the Joaquin Bolado/JG Arques suit:

BEFORE THIS DATE Juan Miguel Anzar's will entered probate

Abstract: v.2 p.237, 252 (it was documented as actually happening 2/3/1853 or 2/23 – Abstract v.2 p. 171)

ON THIS DATE, devisees were substituted as claimants by the Board of Land Commissioners with Manuel Larios – 11/7/1854:

The Board of Land Commissioners:

The joint Larios/Anzar claim (Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe) was bounded: commencing at the northwest corner of a place called El Lomito del Corral Viejo (lomito means little hill) and running thence easterly towards the Cañada (gorge) des Pecachos in the line of the place called San Joaquin (Later entries say Rancho San Felipe; Abstact v.2 p.240) to the base of the range of the mountain called Quien Sabe, thence along the base of said mountains southerly to the Arroyo de Joaquin Soto, thence down said arroyo to its junction with the stream called Arroyo del Puerto del Rosario. Thence down said stream to a crossing of wagon Road to San Juan and thence by a place called Loma de en Media (?) to the place of beginning.

And said land was confirmed as one undivided half to Larios and the other undivided half to the Anzar heirs. (The 1848 Partition was disregarded). Abstract v.2 p. 238

Appeal was made to the District Court of the US in the Southern District, it was pending and undecided until 12/12/1856.

Abstract v.2 p. 238-9