1854-12-26: Anzar Estate – order settling final account of Anzar executor

Tuesday, December 26, 1854: Anzar estate – order settling final account of Anzar executor.

A prob min p. 194

Final account of executors in estate of Juan M. Anzar filed.

Agreement of widow and F.A. MacDougall administrator and guardian to settlement of final account.

Abstract v.2 p. 193


1854-12-26: Anzar estate – Inventory and appraisment filed – Order of Distribution

Anzar estate: Inventory and appraisment of estate of filed. Each 1/6th is worth ($1,666.66) per appraisers Johnson & Harris, verified by MacDougall.

Order of Distribution – the final accounts of this estate having been settled and an order made for the payment of all debts and; petition for distribution having been duly made to this court; (to be held in common until partition):

To widow Maria Antonia Castro de MacDougall one undivided half of the Rancho Quien Sabe containing 4 square leagues more or less and other property;

To the minor heirs each one undivided one sixth – to be held in common until partition by metes and bounds.

A prob min p.195 v. 2 pp 191-193

1854-12-22: Anzar estate – Affadavit of publication of notice to creditors filed

Friday, December 22, 1854: Anzar estate – Affadavit of publication of notice to creditors of estate of Juan Miguel Anzar filed.

San Francisco Times and Transcript newspaper published notice 5/30/1853 to 6/30/1853; printed notice attached.