1855-11-24: Anzar estate: report of guardian of Maria Barbara; and of 3 other heirs

Saturday, November 24, 1855: Anzar estate: report and application of Frederick A. MacDougall, guardian of Maria Barbara Anzar filed; and accounts of guardians of the 3 other heirs: Juan Francisco Anzar, Policronio de Guadelupe Anzar and Anatolio Anzar.


1855-11-09 – Petition for appointment of guardian of Maria Barbara Anzar

Friday, November 9, 1855: Anzar estate: Petition by F. Granados for appointment as guardian of Maria Barbara Anzar filed; so ordered.

A prob min. p.258

Abstract v.2 p.194

1855-11-09: Lease to Lynch and Roeding of San Francisco by Larios

Friday, November 9, 1855: Lease to Francis E. Lynch & Frederick Roeding of San Francisco by Manuel Larios, Jose Maria Larios, Manuel Larios Jr., Juliana Martina Larios de Soto and Melicia Soto – ???, Garcia (sic: Gracia) de las Mercedes Larios:

Partition of Rancho Santa Anita and Quien Sabe set off and awarded to Larios as recorded in Book A of agreements pp 64.

5 years from 1 Jan 1856 for a yearly rent of $2000 payable half yearly; excepting Hawes/Jones tenth interest.

NOTE: This must have been only part of Rancho Santa Anita, not Quien Sabe.