1857-08-21: Manuel Larios sells 1/10th of Santa Ana to Horace Hawes

Friday, August 21, 1857: Manuel Larios deeds to Horace Hawes for professional services rendered 1/10th of Santa Ana after partition from Anzar; in a square form on San Benito River including "Ranchito de Lenterio."

Book C. p. 179.

see also book F p. 453.

Abstract v.1 p. 37

A survey was never done, so it became an undivided 1/10th of M. Larios's share

Abstract v.1 p 37, v.1 p.125.

Said to be equal to 2,441.17 acres

Abstract v.1 p.126.

Frederick A. MacDougall was a witness.