1857-10-06: Anzar Estate: Various Guardianship Orders

October 6, 1857: Anzar Estate – order approving of 3rd yearly accounts.

A prob min 400.

Order making $40.00 monthly allowance to each heir.

Petition filed for sale of personal property and taken under consideration by the court.

A prob. Min p. 400.

Order to sell personal property filed.

Order settling 3rd yearly account of guardian of Anatolio Anzar showing balance of $1006.85 in favor of guardian.

Order settling 3rd yearly account of guardian of Policronio Anzar filed.

A prob min. 404.

The last 3 orders refer to accounts filed September 11, 1857 but I (the original title searcher) found none.

Order to sell personal property.

A prob min. 405.

Abstract v.2 p. 198

1857-10-05: Anzar Estate: Order approving sale of personal property

October 5, 1857: Anzar Estate – Order approving sale of personal property

A prob min p. 399

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