1865-12-11: Manuel Larios, owner of Rancho Santa Ana, died

Monday, December 11, 1865 – Manuel Larios (b. 1799* in the Pueblo of San Jose de Guadalupe near Mission Santa Clara*) died at 64 [65 or 66*] leaving real estate valued (v.1 p. 87) at $50,000, 5/6th of the Rancho Santa Ana, later (Feb 10, 1866) shown (v.1 p. 90) to be 5.5 leagues at $20,000 with $500 in improvements.

After removing Horace Hawes' 1/10th of 2,441.17 and the 1500 acres he gave to his son (José) Antonio Larios which contained "the place known as the Tres Pinos" which is in his will, from half of 48,822.60 acres which is 24,411.30; his estate at time of death included 20,470.17 acres.

v.1 p. 126.

*Birthdate from "East of the Gabilans" Valley Publishers, c 1976. Marjorie Pierce, p. xii Library of Congress: 76-56566. ISBN: 0-913548-39-1. p. 79

1865-12-09: Lease of Rancho Santa Ana by Manuel Larios to G. A. Moon, A. S. Bixby, T.F. Bixby

December 9, 1865 – Lease: Manuel Larios to G. A. Moon, A. S. Bixby, T.F. Bixby: of Rancho Santa Ana containing 5.5 leagues of land excepting one tenth, also 1500 acres and other exceptions.

Term: 2 years from 1st January 1866 with the privilege of 3 years more at yearly rent of $1500.

Book A of leases, pp 195