1866-01-09: Manuel Salvador Larios Estate Petition Filed by Maria del Rosaria Armas de Larios

Tuesday, January 9, 1866 – Manuel Larios estate; petition filed by his 3rd wife and Executrix Maria del Rosaria Armas de Larios, 54.

Manuel Larios died 12/11/1865 at 64.

His children with Maria Antonia de Jesus Pacheco:

  • José Maria Larios 41 (b. ~1823-1824)
  • Manuel L. Larios Jr., 37 (b. ~1828) (of Contra Costa County)
  • (Juliana) Martina Larios de Soto, 35 (b. ~1830) (Married to Deo Gracia Soto)
  • Gracia (de las Mercedes) Larios, 31 (male, b. ~1834)
  • (José) Antonio Larios, 30 (b. ~1835)
  • (Maria) Guadelupe Larios de Quiñones, 26, (b. ~1839) (a.k.a Lupe) wife of Reyes Quiñones (later married to Luciano Salas from Sonora, Mexico)
  • (José) Dolores Larios, 22 (b. ~1843)
  • Patrocinio Larios, 16 (b. ~1849)

His child with Maria del Rosaria Armas de Larios:

  • Estolano Larios, 10 (b. May 26, 1855)

…all from Monterey County.

v. 1 p. 81

See also: http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/AF/family_group_record.asp?familyid=8534097&frompage=99

See also: http://fp1.centurytel.net/Warren_Genealogy/Larios.htm

NOTE:  Ages above recorded at date of the death of Manuel Salvador Larios. Birth years estimated from ages and other genealogical sources.  Names in parentheses are either not the names recorded on this document, or those not commonly used (as in the case of the two younger Josés). For a fictional story based on the true-life recollections of Estolano Larios and his family, read "California Dons" by Ralph LeRoy Milliken, Valley Publishers, Fresno, CA, c. 1956, 1967.

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