1867-03-13: Manuel Salvador Larios Estate: Final Account & Petition for Distribution Filed

Wednesday, March 13, 1867 – Manuel Salvador Larios estate: Final account and petition for distribution filed;

  • Maria Rosario Armas de Larios
  • Jose Maria Larios
  • Manuel L. Larios Jr.
  • Gracia Larios
  • (José) Antonio Larios
  • (Jose) Dolores Larios
  • Martina Larios de Soto, (wife of) Deogracio Soto
  • Guadelupe Larios de Quiñones, (wife of) Reyes Quiñones
  • Minor Patrocinio Larios (age 16) has Frederick A. MacDougall as guardian (since both his mother and now father are dead)
  • Minor Estolano Larios 10 who has no guardian

The non-minors have already conveyed (sold) their shares to Joaquin Bolado and Jose G. Arques; the will should be distributed as folllows; to Bolado and Arques 8 undivided 10th parts.

For Patrocinio Larios 1 undivided 10th part;

To Estolano Larios 1 undivided 10th part.

v. 1 p. 95

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