1867-04-24: Larios Estate Order of Distribution: Of 5/6ths of Rancho Santa Ana, 8/10ths of Real Estate 2/3 to Bolado, 1/3 to Arques.

Wednesday, April 24, 1867 – Manuel Salvador Larios estate: Order setting decree of distribution; 5/6ths of Rancho Santa Ana; valued at $20,000; improvements worth $500; 8/10ths of Real Estate in shares to Joaquin Bolado 2/3rds, to José G. Arques 1/3rd; (v.1 p. 106); as tenants in common.

D.S. Gregory attorney appointed Guardian ad litem for Estolano Larios.



Q: Is anyone able to share information about Durrell Stokes Gregory?

A: Born June 14, 1825 Mecklenburg, Virginia. Died June 12, 1889 in San Luis Obispo, California. Married Margarita Amelia Angelina Hartnell August 29, 1876. Their three sons were all born in Salinas. D.S. Gregory was an attorney, shared ownership in several businesses, and was a partner with Judge Watson in starting the town of Watsonville.

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