1868-10-30: Bolado & Arques sell 437.5 of Rancho Santa Ana to Rucker & Bohen

Friday, October 30, 1868 – Joaquin Bolado & Joseph E. Arques both of SF, to Joseph E. Rucker & Daniel E. Bohen for $6,125.00 part of the Santa Ana Rancho; complex description of 437.50 acres except for a strip on the western boundary 30 feet wide for a public highway; defending the deal against claims by Peter [Pedro] Carlos.

Book H p. 301

Recorded 9:08 AM Saturday, March 13, 1869

1868-10-30: Bolado & Arques sell 500 acres of Rancho Santa Ana to William A. Moody

Friday, October 30, 1868 – Joaquin Bolado and Joseph G. Arques to William A. Moody of Santa Clara for $7,500 part of Rancho Santa Ana 500 acres except for portion which is a public highway.

Book G. p. 587

Recorded 9:01 AM Monday, November 30, 1868 

1868-10-21: 7.0 “Great San Francisco Quake” on Hayward Fault Shakes San Juan Bautista

SAN JUAN [Bautista] NORTH, October 21.–Earthquake at 7:55 A.M. The shock was of at least thirty seconds duration, and the heaviest since that of October, 1865.


October 21, 1868: Magnitude 7.0  37.70, -122.10  Hayward Fault 30 dead; $350,000 in property damage.



See also: Isaac L. Mylar, Early Days at the Mission San Juan Bautista

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1868-10-07: Bolado & Arques sell 500 Acres of Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe to Ham & Cowden

Wednesday, October 7, 1868: Joaquin Bolado and Joseph G. Arques to John W. Ham & A. Cowden (Alfred Cowden?) for $7,500, for 500 acres except for public highway

Book G. p. 590

Recorded: 9:03AM Monday November 30, 1868

Possibly related to Cowden Road in Hollister?

1868-10-05: Horace Hawes sued Anzar Heirs claiming Anzar sold 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe to WC Jones which Hawes Bought.

Horace Hawes sued Frederick A. MacDougall et. al. (Juan Miguel Anzar heirs) in Monterey County’s 3rd Judicial District Court alleging Anzar made contract with William Carey Jones 6/20/1851, that Horace Hawes bought; the court awarded Hawes 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe.

For particulars, see Liber H of conveyances p 48; 217 abstract v.2 p.215

1868-10-01: Smallpox epidemic in San Juan Bautista

Smallpox epidemic in San Juan Bautista.
Source: Isaac L. Mylar, Early Days at the Mission San Juan Bautista, p. 147, and web based reports.

See: http://memory.loc.gov – search for "mylar"

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