1868-11-04: Bolado & Arques sell 259+ Acres of Rancho Santa Ana to Reed

Wednesday, November 4, 1868 – Joaquin Bolado and José G. Arques grant to William J. Reed of Santa Clara for $6,489.50 in gold coin a (very complex) portion of Rancho Santa Ana of 259.58 acres.

Book G. p. 586

Bolado Reed Deed 1868

Recorded: 9 AM Monday, November 30, 1868


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  1. Might this William J. Reed be William I.(Ira) Reed? He ranched a horse and orange ranch in the Tres Pinos or Paicines area right around this time period. The way
    he signed his name, the I. often looked like a J. on things. This is a very interesting and useful site!

    • Followup by prev.: It is the ranch of William J.I. Reed, of Tres Pinos, his full name is William James Ira Reed.
      In 2007 when I found this site, there were transcribed, detailed pages of the entries. I was able then to read the entire text of the purchase of land. Are those transcription pages of each transaction still available in some way?

      • The pages should all be visible in the desktop version of this site, not in the mobile browser version.

  2. It looks like a J to me in the photo of the document.

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