1868-12-28: Bolado/Arques Suit vs. MacDougall et. al.: Summons Filed in Los Angeles County

December 28, 1868 – Joaquin Bolado & José G. Arques vs. Frederick A. MacDougall et. al; Summons filed with proof of service by sheriff's certificate that he delivered and left with Frederick A. MacDougall in the County of Los Angeles on the 28th day of November 1868 a copy for himself and for each of the 3 minors.

1868-12-22: Horace Hawes dispute with Anzar Heirs regarding 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe Purchased from Jones

Tuesday, December 22, 1868 – Frederick A. MacDougall et. al. deed to Horace Hawes: Frederick A. MacDougall, and minors acting through their legal guardian Frederick A. MacDougall: (Juan Francisco Anzar, Anatolio Anzar, Policronio Guadalupe Anzar) Deed to Horace Hawes…

Horace Hawes sued Anzar et. al. 10/5/1868 in Monterey’s 3rd Judicial District Court alleging Juan Miguel Anzar made contract with William Carey Jones 6/20/1851, that Horace Hawes bought; the court awarded Horace Hawes the undivided 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe.

Book H p. 48

v.2 p.224 – said Rancho Quien Sabe contained 5 square leagues of land, more or less.

v.2 p. 217-225

Recorded Saturday, January 2, 1869

1868-12-09: Bolado/Arques vs. MacDougall et al.: Summons Returned, Defendants Not In County.

December 9, 1868 – Bolado Arques vs. MacDougall et al.  Summons returned not served. Sheriff of Monterey stating defendants not in this county.

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