1868-12-22: Horace Hawes dispute with Anzar Heirs regarding 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe Purchased from Jones

Tuesday, December 22, 1868 – Frederick A. MacDougall et. al. deed to Horace Hawes: Frederick A. MacDougall, and minors acting through their legal guardian Frederick A. MacDougall: (Juan Francisco Anzar, Anatolio Anzar, Policronio Guadalupe Anzar) Deed to Horace Hawes…

Horace Hawes sued Anzar et. al. 10/5/1868 in Monterey’s 3rd Judicial District Court alleging Juan Miguel Anzar made contract with William Carey Jones 6/20/1851, that Horace Hawes bought; the court awarded Horace Hawes the undivided 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe.

Book H p. 48

v.2 p.224 – said Rancho Quien Sabe contained 5 square leagues of land, more or less.

v.2 p. 217-225

Recorded Saturday, January 2, 1869


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