1869: Bolado Supports Malarin’s Claim that 1859 Survey of Rancho San Luis Gonzaga was in Error

“Before the San Luis Gonzaga land was confirmed, a lengthy dispute arose over the boundaries” …

“They stated that much of the land in [U.S. Deputy Surveyor James E.] Terrell’s survey was “rocky,” “worthless,” and inferoro to the vacant landd to the east extending to the San Joaquin River, an original boundary. Joaquin Bolado (Bolado Park is named in his honor), who leased San Luis Gonzaga land in the 1850’s, testified the survey could not have been made in a “worse manner.””

“The government replied that the survey had been accepted for ten years and that the lands outside the 1859 survey had been sold.”

Shumate, Dr. Albert. Francisco Pacheco of Pacheco Pass. University of the Pacific, 1977. p.21


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