1872-05-23: Avy deeds 2+ acre strip to Southern Pacific Railroad

Thursday, May 23, 1872 – Charles Avy of Monterey county in consideration of benefits and advantages of construction of railroad and $1.00; and benefit of fences; conveys a 100 foot wide strip of land 1173 feet long; 2.69 acres to SPRR Co.

Deeds L. or D? p. 332

1872-05-09: Arques Estate sold to Hernandez all of its share of Rancho Quien Sabe

Thursday, May 9, 1872 – Joaquin R. Arques of Santa Clara and Luis Arques of Monterey County, executors of the estate of Joseph G. Arques, 1st parties, and Estanislao Hernandez of Monterey County.

12/26/1871: On the death of José G. Arques, He owned one undivided 8th of Quien Sabe abutting on San Joaquin Rancho and Santa Ana.

2/18/1872 The Arques’ sold to Hernandez ALL the right, title and interest in Rancho Quien Sabe (Santa Ana is not mentioned) – This is a confirmation of the sale referring to Probate Book A, page 321.

Deeds Book L p. 92, p. 91

Recorded May 15, 1872