1873-01-08: Bolado buys half of Yndart’s share of Arques heirs’ Share of Rancho

Wednesday, January 8, 1873 – Bolado buys half of Juan Yndart's share of Arques' heirs land; Juan Yndart and Joaquin Bolado agree for consideration of $15,000 to be paid by Bolado upon Yndart making a valid conveyance transferring a clear title to the land of undivided half interest and right he has aquired from the Arques brothers Luis, Joaquin and Clemente in various lots described as 3894 acres (v.2 p. 300); the land should border Bolado's existing land.

Book B of Agreements P. 64.

See 12/2/1872.

Recorded 6:20 PM Saturday, September 6, 1873 

1873-01-01: Arques Estate agreed to sell to Yndart share of Rancho.

Wednesday, January 1, 1873: Arques estate: to Yndart.

Arques brothers on this date previously agreed to sell to Yndart (conditional on securing title) who was to pay $15K 1/1/1873 in gold in San Francisco; the brothers needed time to complete title ownership.

Yndart was to pay $15K 1/1/1874 in gold in San Francisco final day.

v.2 p.295

So Yndart owned half of Arques’s share, Martin Murphy owned the rest?