1873-04-13: Arques Estate: Sale of land to Hernandez Confirmed

April 13, 1873 – José G. Arques estate: sale of land to Estanislao Hernandez confirmed and legal conveyance directed to be made.

NOTE: this sale is of part of Rancho Quien Sabe.

V.2 p. 23.

No more details.

1873-04-01: Arques Estate – Decree of Distribution

Tuesday, April 1, 1873 – Arques Estate: Decree of Distribution.

Brothers Joaquin R, Luis, Clemente C. Arques and Martin Murphy gave consent that the José G. Arques estate may be distributed.

Order entered discharging executors.

v.2 p.287, 293.

Wm H. Webb was the counsel for executors.