1873-07-14: Joaquin R. Arques Quitclaims His 1/3 Interest in Rancho Santa Ana Given to His Wife Ellen Arques

Monday, July 14, 1873 – Joaquin R. Arques to his wife Ellen Arques for $5.00 quitclaims his undivided 1/3 interest in 7,680 acres of Rancho Santa Ana

Deeds N p.340, 

v.2 p.311.

It refers to the deed of partition of June 8, 1869 between Bolado and Arques.

Recorded 3:30 PM Monday, July 14, 1873 


1873-07-12: Arques Brothers received from Martin Murphy Quitclaim to Lands he Sold Them

July 12, 1873 – Arques Brothers received from Martin Murphy a quitclaim to lands he sold them previously.

Deeds N, p. 338

Recorded 11:45 AM Monday, July 14, 1873