1873-08-30: Joaquin R. & Ellen Arques, Luis & Clemente Arques Sell to Yndart all interest in Rancho Santa Ana

Saturday, August 30, 1873 – Yndart buys land – Joaquin R & Ellen Arques, Clemente C. and Luis Arques sell to Juan Yndart for $30,000 all of their interest in the Santa Ana Rancho; very complex description.

Deeds O, p. 22

Recorded Friday, September 5, 1873

1873-08-26: Tiburcio Vasquez raided Augustus Snyder’s Paicines Store

August, 1873 – Tiburcio Vasquez raided Augustus Snyder's General Store in the present-day Paicines (In 1873 it was called Tres Pinos).


Quicksilver Country, Frusetta, p. 14


1873-08-12: Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in a New Town called Tres Pinos

August 12, 1873 – …"the road had been opened to Hollister on July 13, 1871, and to the terminus at Tres Pinos on August 12,1873"


"Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in a new town called Tres Pinos where it ended. The former Tres Pinos, 4 miles away, was named Paicines."

"San Benito County, Long Ago and Today"; p. 36.

Quicksilver Country, Frusetta, p. 45.

See also: http://www.trespinosinn.com/history.html 

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1873-08-04: Avy Sells Parcels of Rancho Santa Ana Lands to Arques Brothers

Monday, August 4, 1873 – Charles Avy (1st party) sold to Luis & Clemente Arques (2nd party) who paid to Avy $23,466 gold coin

  • land near Tres Pinos Creek beginning at a stake in the center of the Arroyo Joaquin Soto from which a cottonwood tree marked SAR… (COMPLEX DESCRIPTION) southwest corner of Rancho Santa Ana; along western boundary line of Rancho Santa Anita; 941 acres; being a part of lands described in agreement between Joaquin Bolado and José G. Arques July 15, 1868 in Book A of Agreements, p. 305
  • lands (complex description) described in the deed thereof from Charles Avy (first party) herein to Justo Sotello dated February 26 1872 in Book J of Deeds p. 579
  • lands from the Avy Patent. 

Deeds N. p. 388.