1874-01-01: Arques Brothers Previously Agreed to Receive Last Payment from Yndart

Thursday, January 1, 1874 – Arques estate: to Yndart. Arques brothers on this date previously agreed to receive the last payment from Yndart who was to pay $15K 1/1/1874 in gold in San Francisco on the final day.

v.2 p.295

1874: Bolado sold the ranch to Hernandez? Per Julia Bolado’s Memoirs

1874 – In her memoirs written in the 1920's, Julia (Dulce) Bolado claimed that in or around 1874, her father Joaquin Bolado sold the ranch to Estanislao Hernandez, and the ranch was returned two years later because the mortgage was never paid.

She did not mention what part of the ranch; perhaps she meant his entire share of Rancho Santa Ana.