1874-04-25 – Bolado Purchased 2/72 of Land at Sal Si Puedes Cañon & Coal Mine

Saturday, April 25, 1874 – A. Manuel 1st party & Joaquin Bolado; Bolado bought undivided 1/72nd of land starting at Sal Si Puedes canon; containing 640 acres, and an undivided 1/72 of a coal mine.

Bolado also purchased 1/72 part of 640 acres and part of a coal mine from Judge William Webb of Monterey. Bolado paid Webb $400.00 for an undivided 1/72nd of an area described as starting at Sal Si Puedes canon, to Palo Corona to the coast, about 9 miles south of Monterey City; 640 acres; and for an undivided 1/72nd of a coal mine being worked by the Monterey Coal Mining company.

Deeds P p. 424 – 427

Recorded 10:26 AM Friday, May 1, 1874