1876-1878: Anzar Guardian MacDougall Served as Mayor of Los Angeles


“MacDougall* was a physician. His single term in office was highlighted by his appointment of the first chief of police. During this period, the Los Angeles Bar Association was formed, the first kindergarten opened and Los Angeles held its first annual horticultural fair and baby show. There was a nation-wide financial depression, and southern California experienced a disastrous drought deleterious to the local sheep and cattle industries. A new Odd Fellows Hall was dedicated in 1877.”

PDF: http://www.cityofla.org/CAD/publicart/majorsla.pdf

* After the death of the co-owner of Rancho Quien Sabe Juan Miguel Anzar in 1852, Frederick A. MacDougall became the guardian of the Anzar minor heirs. MacDougall married Anzar’s widow Maria Antonia Castro de Anzar. After Mrs. MacDougall died in 1855, Mr. MacDougall inherited 1/3 of her undivided half share (which was one undivided sixth of the entire Rancho Quien Sabe).

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