1867-05-25: Larios estate: Inventory of Minors Patrocinio and Estolano Larios’ estates

Saturday, May 25, 1867 – Larios estate: Inventory of minors Patrocinio and Estolano Larios' estates: each was entitled to undivided interest equal to 2047.17 acres in Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe of Manuel Salvador Larios's 1/2 of 48,822.60 acres.

Description of borders and Patent in Book A of Patents from pp 55 to 62.

v1. p.125

For each minor, appraised at $1.00/acre

v.1 p.127

1853-04-02: Anzar estate: Appraisers MacDougall and Castellano qualified

Saturday, April 2, 1853 – Anzar estate: Appraisers MacDougall and Castellano qualified.