1873-05: Julia Bolado born to Joaquin Bolado & Julia Josepha Abrego de Bolado

May, 1873 – Julia (Dulce) Bolado born at home on Sutter Street in San Francisco.

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1843-04-23: Julia Josepha Abrego born. (Married Joaquin Bolado in 1857)

Julia Josepha Abrego was born in Monterey. She would later marry Joaquin Bolado in 1857.
She was the daughter of Don José Abrego, a Mexican merchant (b. 1813) who came from Mexico to Monterey in 1834 on the vessel La Natalie.

Her photo, taken around 1875, is hosted in the Online Archive of California. It is labeled incorrectly as being a photo of Julia (Dulce) Bolado, who was her daughter with Joaquin Bolado, born in 1873.

Her Mother:

Her mother was Josefa Maria Casilda Aniceta Estrada de Abrego, born 04-14-1814 in the Officers’ Family Quarters in the Presidio of Monterey.

“A native California lady named Señora Doña Josefa Estrada de Abrego, half-sister of Governor Alvarado, resided at Monterey in 1842 at the time Commodore Jones raised the American flag over that city. She was one of the most beautiful and intelligent of her sex. Like all her people, she felt deep chagrin that the fortunes of war should bring about a change which would compel her to submit to the new order of things.”

http://www.sfgenealogy.com/sf/history/hb75yv.htm Source: Davis, William Heath. Seventy-five Years in San Francisco. 1929: San Francisco.


She married Joaquin Bolado Monday, February 2, 1857.

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1839: Jose G. Arques born

Jose G. Arques born.  Also known as Joseph G. Arques of San Francisco.

Friday, November 2, 1866, at age 27, he bought Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe with co-owner with Joaquin Bolado.

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1822-03-03: Joaquin Bolado born in Santander, Spain

Joaquin Bolado was born in Santander, Spain on Sunday, March 3, 1822.

On Tuesday, June 26, 1849, Bolado arrives aboard the Schooner "Mary" in San Francisco after a voyage of 62 days from San Blas, Mexico.


On Friday, November 2, 1866, Joaquin Bolado (54) and Jose G. Arques (27 years old) buy Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe from Maria del Rosaria Armas de Larios, Jose Maria Larios, Manuel L. Larios, Gracia Larios, Jose Antonio Larios, Jose Dolores Larios, Martina Larios de Soto, (wife of) Deo Gracia Soto, Deo Gracia Soto, her husband, Guadelupe Larios de Quiñones, (wife of) Reyes Quiñones and Reyes Quiñones, her husband.

Source: Book F. p. 423 – transcribed. Consideration $17,200 v.1 p. 113

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1799: Manuel Larios born in San José, Alta California (Santa Ana y Quien Sabe Grantee: 1839)

Manuel Larios was born in Pueblo of San Jose de Guadelupe, near Mission Santa Clara.

"East of the Gabilans" Valley Publishers, c 1976. Marjorie Pierce, p. xii

Library of Congress: 76-56566. ISBN: 0-913548-39-1. p. 79


December 29, 1838, the Rancho Santa Ana grant was first requested by Manuel Larios & Juan Miguel Anzar; Larios managed Anzar's properties. The petition was referred to the Ayuntamiento to which (sic) reported that the lands could be granted.

Monday, April 8, 1839, Ranchos Santa Ana and Quien Sabe were granted to Larios and Anzar by a concession declaring them owners by Governor Juan B. Alvarado, granting them equal shares. Source: Suit: v2 p.249-250

May 1, 1860: US Patent: Pres. James Buchanan in Washington "caused these letters to be made patent" Combined Ranch (stating boundaries): patented to Manuel Larios et. al California State Map ID number: MC 4:4-574 Grant number: 237 book A patents p 55-62



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