1866-03-01: (José) Antonio Larios and his wife Concepcion Castro de Larios grant to Charles Avy the 1500 acres of Rancho Santa Ana

Thursday, March 1, 1866 – (José) Antonio Larios and his wife Concepcion Castro de Larios grant to Charles Avy for $1200 the 1500 acres.

Libr. F p. 280



May, 1905: Hollister Free Lance:

Died -- LARIOS -- at Elko, Nevada, May 11th, Concepcion Castro de LARIOS, a native of California, aged 68 years. [Mrs. Concepcion Castro de LARIOS, whose death occurred at Elko, Nev. last Thursday, was buried at San Juan Monday. She was the relict of the late Antonio LARIOS, whose people in early Californian days owned leagues of land throughout this section. Included in the grant given by the Mexican government to this family was a league of land lying to the north of San Juan; the Santa Ana valley, and the present townsite of Tres Pinos. The old adobe in Santa Ana was built by Manuel LARIOS, and in the heydey of its prosperity the family maintained another adobe mansion in San Juan. Far and wide the LARIOS were known for their lavish hospitality. They entertained liberally in the free, open-handed manner of the early Californian days Mrs. LARIOS, who was a CASTRO, came also of a wealthy family, her father owning the Paicines grant in this county Mrs. LARIOS, since the death of her husband, has been living with her son at Elko. Her body was brought to San Juan for burial, where it rests in the Catholic Cemetery, the land
for which was donated by Manuel LARIOS in the olden days]