1909-07-06: Julia Bolado Ashe Receives Rancho Santa Anita, Potrero de Lynch from Bolado Estate

1909-07-06: Julia Bolado Ashe Receives from Estate of Joaquin Bolado

In the Superior Court of the State of California
In and for the County of San Benito

In the Matter of the Estate of Joaquin Bolado, Deceased.

Decree Settling Final Account and of Distribution.

Julia Bolado Ashe, executrix of the last will and testament of Joaquin Bolado, deceased, having heretofore rendered and filed herein an account and report of her administration of said estate, which account was for a final settlement, and having with said account filed a petition for the final distribution of said estate;

… Joaquin Bolado died testate on the 28th day of November, 1894, leaving a last will and testament…

…Personal property as follows: Growing crops, hay, three horses, two wagons, harness and saddle, four cows, household furniture, poultry, all in the State of California…

Real property as follows:

All those certain parts of the Rancho Santa Ana Y Quien Sabe situated in the County of San Benito, State of California, and more particularly described as follows, to-wit:

Lots numbered on the map made by S.W. Smith in May, A.D. 1878, No’s:

Twenty-Five (25)
Twenty-Eight (28)
Twenty-Nine (29)
Thirty (30)
Thirty-one (31)
Thirty-two (32)
Thirty-three (33)
Thirty-four (34)
Thirty-five (35)
Thirty-six (36)
Thirty-seven (37)
Thirty-eight (38)
Thirty-nine (39)
Forty (40)
Forty-one (41)
Forty-two (42)
and that portion of lot Twenty-four (24) beginning at a point on the West line of road leading from Hollister to Santa Ana Y Quien Sabe at its junction with the Southerly line of Lot Twenty-five (25) as shown on the map of the subdivision survey of said Rancho Santa Ana made by S.W. Smith and thence proceeding with the following courses and distances viz:

South 54 degrees West 84.87 chains,
North 32 1/2 degrees West 15.07 chains
South 87 degrees West 87.00 chains
North 29 degrees West 7.30 chains
North 53 1/2 degrees West 45.80 chains
North 80 degrees East 104.50 chains
South 32 1/2 degrees East 13.50 chains
North 57 1/4 degrees East 81.70 chains
to the west line of the aforesaid road and thence along said line to the point of beginning, containing in all Seven Hundred and one-half (700 50/100) acres, and being parcel of land conveyed to Joaquin Bolado by one Juan Yndart December 23, 1873, by deed recorded in Book “E” of Deeds, page 128, San Benito County Records;

Also that portion of the Rancho Quien Sabe conveyed by Estanislaus [Estanislao] Hernandez December 15, 1873, as per deed recorded in Book “e” of Deed, at page 127 et seq. of the San Benito County Records, and particularly described as follows:

Beginning at a stake on the South boundary of the Rancho Santa Ana Y Quien Sabe being station one (1) of division survey of said rancho, and thence running:

North 45 degrees East 39.55 chains,
South 9 degrees West 27.30 chains,
West 23.00 chains
to the point of beginning, containing Thirty one 30/100 (31 30/100) acres.

The whole of said tract containing Nine Thousand Three Hundred and nine and 81/100 (9309 81/100) acres, and being commonly known as the Santa Anita Rancho.

Also that certain tract of land situate, lying and being in the County of San Benito, State of California, describe as follows to-wit:- Lots:
Three and
of Section Sixteen, Township Twelve, South Range Six East, Mt. Diablo Meridian;

All of
Section Twenty-one, Township Twelve South, Range Six East, Mt. Diablo Meridian;

One and
Two and South Half of Northeast Quarter and
North half of Southeast Quarter, and Southeast Quarter of Southeast Quarter of Section Twenty, Township Twelve South, Range Six East, Mt. Diablo Meridian.

Being that certain tract of land now and heretofore commonly known and called “Potrero de Lynch”, containing One Thousand Acres (1000) more or less.

Filed for the record at the request of A.D. Shaw July -6- A.D. 1909 at 35 min. past 11 o’clock A. M. Elmer Dowdy, Recorder.

SBC: Book 42, page 343

1905-09-09: J.M. Hernandez, son of Estanislao Hernandez, Dies in Las Vegas

“J.M. HERNANDEZ, a prominent stockman of Las Vegas, N.M., died at his home in that city on Sept. 9th. Deceased, who was 52 years of age at the time of his death, was the son of Stanislaus HERNANDEZ, formerly owner of the Santa Anita and Quien Sabe ranches in this county and was well known to many of the old timers. Deceased leaves a brother, Dan, at Monterey.”


(Is this Jesus Hernandez?)

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1902-05-18: Juan Indart (Yndart) died at 76

ANOTHER PIONEER GONE — Last Sunday evening, May 18, 1902, news was received from San Jose conveying the sad intelligence of the death of Juan INDART. Deceased had been in ill health for some months past and as his condition did not seem to improve at his home in Santa Anita, it was decided to remove him to San Jose, where the advantage of the best medical aid could be obtained. He was taken to the home of his daughter, Mrs. J.B. GARAT, where he received all the attention that loving hands could give, but which proved of no avail.

At the time of his death, Mr. INDART had reached the ripe old age of 76 years. He was a native of France and had come to California via South America in 1851. On his arrival here he engaged in mining in Calaveras county with varied success. He subsequently turned his attention to the live stock business, and with 2 partners, John ETCHEVERRY, now deceased, and J. YREBERRY, they did a profitable business in the several mining camps of the State. The firm purchased cattle in the southern part of the State and drove them to the mines where they were sold for beef at a large profit. For several years the firm conducted a large ranch in the Kings River valley, and in 1873 transferred their business to Tres Pinos. The firm continued in existence till 1882 when by mutual consent it dissolved and the property interests were equally divided. Mr. INDART’s portion being 3600 acres of the Santa Anita rancho, choice farming and grazing land. Mr. INDART was married in 1863 in San Francisco to Miss Mary ERRICA, also a native of France, and to them were born 6 children, who, with their mother, are left to mourn the loss of a dear and faithful husband and father. The children are Mrs. J.B. GARAT, of San Jose; Miss Domie and John INDART, of Santa Anita, and Peter and John Peter INDART, of Reno, Nevada. The funeral will take place today from the Catholic Church, where services will be held at 11 o’clock.


In the May 30 issue:

The petition of Maria YNDART for the probate of the will of Juan YNDART [aka INDART], deceased, has been filed in the Clerk’s office. The real property consists of 1761 acres of the Santa Ana rancho adjoining the BOLADO estate, valued at $16,000; also 1769 acres of same rancho adjoining the town of Tres Pinos valued at $20,000… , all in San Benito county.

1897-12-27 Josepha Estrada de Abrego Dies [Mother of Julia Abrego, Joaquin Bolado’s Wife]


Births, Marriages & Deaths — Oct-Dec 1897

The Free Lance Hollister, San Benito Co., CA

December 31, 1897

DEATH OF A NOTED WOMAN — Mrs. Josefa [Maria Casilda Aniceta] ESTRADA de ABREGO, a lady who was intimately associated with some of the most prominent characters in early California history and a witness of many stirring events, died last Monday morning [Dec. 27, 1897] at 3 o’clock at her residence in Monterey.

Deceased was nearly 85 years of age, having been born in the old capital by the sea in the year 1812. She was highly connected and was a half-sister to Governor [Juan Bautista] ALVARADO.

Her husband, Don José ABREGO, to whom she was married in 1836, was very prominent in the affairs of this State while it was still under Mexican domination. According to BANCROFT’s history of California, he came to Monterey from Mexico in 1814, and was a hatter and trader. By intelligence, capability and good repute he held office almost continuously from that time until 1846. He was commissary of the police, Administrator of the San Antonio Mission, customs officer, member of the Assembly, sub-member of the Superior Tribunal and its treasurer. As such official he had charge of the territorial finances from 1839 to 1846, and was noted for his integrity and ability. In 1844 he was the grantee of the Point Pinos rancho, where now stands Pacific Grove. He died in [April 4] 1878, at the age of 65. His wife and 6 children survived him.

Judge W.H. WEBB had married one daughter, who died, after which he married a second one, his present wife and the sole surviving daughter of Mrs. ABREGO. The third daughter [Julia Josepha Abrego, d. January 10, 1891)] married Joaquin BOLADO, now deceased. — Salinas Index. Deceased was the grandmother of Mrs. Gaston ASHE [Julia {Dulce} Bolado], of [Rancho] Santa Anita.

1894-11-28: Joaquin Bolado Dies

The Free Lance (Hollister, San Benito Co.), 7 Dec 1894. Transcribed by Dee.


“BOLADO–In San Francisco, Nov. 28, Joaquin BOLADO, beloved father of Mrs. Gaston ASHE, a native of Spain, aged 73 years. The people of this community were greatly shocked on receiving the intelligence of the death of Don Joaquin BOLADO last Friday, as it was not generally known that he was so seriously ill. Some time ago he was prostrated with a severe attack of pneumonia. He rallied, then, against the advice of friends concluded to go to San Francisco to transact some business, but there suffered a relapse which terminated fatally. Deceased was one of the most respected men in this county, owning the Santa Anita ranch, 3 miles east of Tres Pinos.

He was born in Spain, Mar. 4, [Really March 3] 1822. When a boy he was clerk for his uncle in a shipping and forwarding business in Santander, Spain. He went to Mexico at the age of 20, in Zacatecas from 1841 to 1849, when he sold out and came to California in search of gold, mined some in Sonora, (much detail on businesses). In 1867 he came to San Benito county and engaged in stock raising and in general farming since 1873. During the height of his prosperity in 1857, he married Miss Julia ABREGO; one child was born to him, Julia BOLADO, wife of Attorney Gaston ASHE.

Last Friday a solemn high mass was celebrated at the Yglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church, [908 Broadway] San Francisco, after which the remains were taken to Monterey for interment. The following named gentlemen acted as pall bearers: Juan MALARIN, Francisco RICO, A.A. MANUEL, J.B. SNIVELY, F. GUNZENDORFER and J.M. LAPORTE. The body was placed to rest in the family plot by the side of his wife who had preceded him some 3 years ago.”

Salinas Weekly Index – Thursday, December 6 1894
By deesar Location: Salinas, Monterey Co., CA Source: Library Description: General

DEATH OF JOAQUIN BOLADO — Don Joaquin BOLADO died at his home in San Francisco last Friday morning [Not November 30; actually Wednesday November 28], aged 73 [really 72] years. The deceased was a native of Spain and an early pioneer of San Francisco. The remains were brought to Monterey and interred in the Catholic Cemetery there beside those of his wife (née ABREGO) who died about 2 years ago, and who was a sister of Mrs. W.H. WEBB of Salinas.

Mission Records:

Book 25, San Carlos Monterey, Dif. (Difuentes [Death]) Records, p. 15: Nov 29 [Actually November 28], 1894, Joaquin Bolado, 70, murio en Sn.Francisco, natl. de Espana.

Church Records:


OUR LADY of GUADALUPE (Spanish National) CHURCH—1942
908 Broadway
Rt. Rev. Msgr. Antonio H. Santandrou, 908 Broadway.

  • Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths, 1875–. 8 vols.

[closed parish: Our Lady of Guadalupe (SF Co.):

please call Sts. Peter and Paul at 415 421-0809

( provided by the San Francisco Archdiocese, August 2005)]

St Peter & Paul-Salesian Fathers, Church, (415) 421-0809, 666 Filbert St, San Francisco, CA 94133

1893-03-03: Estanislao Hernandez dies in Las Vegas, N.M.

Births, Marriages & Deaths — Jan-Mar 1893
From The Free Lance, Hollister, San Benito Co., CA
Died — HERNANDEZ — at Las Vegas, N.M., Mar. 3, Estanislao HERNANDEZ, a native of Mexico, aged 72 years.


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1891-01-10: Julia Josepha Abrego de Bolado died at 47 after a long illness

January 10, 1891 – Julia Josepha Abrego de Bolado, Joaquin Bolado’s wife, died at home in San Francisco at 47 after a long illness.

Source for illness, Julia Bolado’s memoirs.

b. April 23, 1843, Monterey, CA
BOLADO–Death of Mrs. BOLADO — The funeral of Mrs. Julia BOLADO took place on Monday last. Deceased was the wife of Mr. Joaquin BOLADO of San Francisco and the eldest of 3 daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Jose ABREGO and sister of Mrs. W.H. WEBB of Salinas, Abimael, Ismael & Audel ABREGO. Leaves her husband, Mr. Joaquin BOLADO and an only daughter, Miss Dulce BOLADO, to survive her.”

Source: The Hollister Freelance (Hollister, San Benito County, CA), 30 Jan 1891.

Transcribed by Dee.


El Encinal/San Carlos Cemetery, Monterey, Monterey County, CA.

En Memoria de JULIA BOLADO
Querida Esposa de Joaquin Bolado
Murio 10 de Enero 1891

Death of Mrs. BOLADO — The Monterey ‘Cypress’ says: “Mrs. Julia BOLADO, sister of Mr. A.E. ABREGO, of this city, and wife of Mr. Joaquin BOLADO, died in San Francisco Saturday, Jan. 10th. The remains were brought to Monterey for interment Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning the remains were followed to the grave by a large cortege of friends of the family and relatives. The funeral took place at 10:30am, Monday, from the Catholic Church, where High Mass was celebrated by Right
Reverends Father CASANOVA and Father SORRENTINI* of Salinas, M.R. MERRITT, G. DAND, B.E. DUCKWORTH, M. WOLTER, F.N. GOMEZ and C.H. RODRIGUEZ acted as pall bearers. Deceased was a native of Monterey, a conscientious lady and a devout Christian. She leaves in this county several relatives to mourn her loss, including 1 sister, Mrs. W.H. WEBB, of Salinas, and 2 brothers, A.E. & Ismael ABREGO, and a
daughter, Miss Dulce [Julia] BOLADO.”

*Father Sorrentini’s photo: http://www.pgmuseum.org/Tuttle/pe8bf7~1.htm

1871-12-26: José G. Arques died in Hollister at 32

Tuesday, December 26, 1871 – José G. Arques died in Hollister (1839-1871: age 32)

v.2 p. 303, p.280, p. 275,

At the time of his death, he owned 7935.14 acres

v.2 p. 282, p. 293

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1865-12-11: Manuel Larios, owner of Rancho Santa Ana, died

Monday, December 11, 1865 – Manuel Larios (b. 1799* in the Pueblo of San Jose de Guadalupe near Mission Santa Clara*) died at 64 [65 or 66*] leaving real estate valued (v.1 p. 87) at $50,000, 5/6th of the Rancho Santa Ana, later (Feb 10, 1866) shown (v.1 p. 90) to be 5.5 leagues at $20,000 with $500 in improvements.

After removing Horace Hawes' 1/10th of 2,441.17 and the 1500 acres he gave to his son (José) Antonio Larios which contained "the place known as the Tres Pinos" which is in his will, from half of 48,822.60 acres which is 24,411.30; his estate at time of death included 20,470.17 acres.

v.1 p. 126.

*Birthdate from "East of the Gabilans" Valley Publishers, c 1976. Marjorie Pierce, p. xii Library of Congress: 76-56566. ISBN: 0-913548-39-1. p. 79

1865-04-14: Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

Abraham Lincoln assassinated at Ford's Theatre, Washington, D.C.

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1855-05-30: Maria Antonia Castro de Anzar de MacDougall died intestate in San Juan

Wednesday, May 30, 1855 – Maria Antonia Castro de Anzar de MacDougall died intestate in San Juan. She died after inheriting 1/2 of the undivided Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe from her husband, Juan Miguel Anzar, who died October 29th, 1852.

(At the time of his death, Juan Miguel Anzar believed that he owned the Rancho Quien Sabe partition of the Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe; but it was later determined that he (and his estate) owned 1/2 the undivided combined rancho, per a later decision of the US Board of Land Commissioners 11/7/1854)

Maria Antonia Castro de Anzar de MacDougall died owning 1/2 (3/6ths) of Rancho Quien Sabe; the other half was owned by her 3 children.

Each minor receives 1/3 of 2/3 of her 1/2 share; which is an additional 1/9th of Rancho Quien Sabe.

(MacDougall got the other 1/3rd of Maria’s 1/2 share)

Bolado/Arques suit, v2 p. 252.

Abstract v.2 p. 212

1852-10-29: Juan Miguel Anzar died owning 1/2 undivided Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe

Friday, October 29, 1852 – Juan Miguel Anzar died.

At the time of his death, he believed that he owned the Rancho Quien Sabe partition of the Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe; but it was later determined that he (and his estate) owned 1/2 the undivided combined rancho, per a later decision of the US Board of Land Commissioners 11/7/1854.

Joaquin Bolado suit claimed he died October 7 1853. v2 p.252.

v. 2 p.173, p. 218 says he died 10/30/1852.

p. 218 says he died 10/30/1852

Horace Hawes suit of 12/22/1868 v.2 p. 218

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1835-09-29: Jose Castro becomes Governor ad interim of Alta California

On the death of Jose Figueroa (who appointed him on August 29, 1835), José Castro became the eighth Mexican governor of Alta California for his first term; September 29, 1835 to January 1836.

He later served a second term from November to December, 1836.




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1835-09-29: Governor Figueroa died of apoplectic stroke

September 29, 1835 – Governor José Figueroa, born in 1792, died of apoplexy. "His demise initiated a decade of chaos unprecedented even in California's turbulent past."

Fink, Augusta. Monterey: The Presence of the Past. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1972. p. 70


In his August 9, 1834 proclamation, he had begun the process of secularization and dispersement of the mission properties by granting many ranchos to Californians.


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