1870-10-04: Final Partition Decree: SW 24,411 Acres to Bolado/Arques, NE 24,411 Acres to MacDougall & Anzar Heirs

Tuesday, October 4, 1870 – Report of commissioners filed.

LARGER Final partition decree:

F. L. Ripley, surveyor, made Final Partition of Santa Ana and Quien Sabe Ranchos:

Bolado and Arques got Lot 1: Southwestern half 24,411.30 Ac,

MacDougall and Anzar heirs got Lot 2: Northeastern half 24,411.30 Ac

expenses of survey and partition $761.25

v. 2 p. 263 to 265.

1870-09-08 – Decree Filed: Rancho Santa Ana/Quien Sabe Partition to be done by Johnson, Duncan, and de la Vega

Thursday, September 8, 1870 – Interlocutory decree filed and entered: partition to be done by William S. Johnson, Sampson Duncan, and Francisco de la Vega who are appointed commissioners and empowered to hire a surveyor.

V2 p. 258

Source: suit decree.