1938-05-09: Julia Bolado Davis donated the 54 Acres of Bolado Park to California’s 33rd Agricultural District

1938: Julia Bolado Davis donated the 54 Acres of Bolado Park to California’s 33rd Agricultural District.

“Bolado Park Donated to County Residents” – Mrs. Julia Bolado Davis Turns Over 54-Acre County Park to 33rd District Farm Association. All Buildings are Included in Gift to People. Donation Made as Memorial to Late Joaquin Bolado.

“Through the generosity and public spirit of Mrs. Julia Bolado Davis and her family, Bolado Park is today the property of the people of San Benito County.”

– Free Lance, Hollister, California – Tuesday, May 10, 1938.

“In 1922, a group of residents asked if they could use part of the land for the county fair. She agreed. Near the end of the decade, representatives of the newly formed San Benito County Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo asked if they might stage their show there. She assented. For many years, she was in the stands to see feats of horsemanship and perhaps remembered the little girl who had not been permitted to ride. When she donated the land to the state as a park [in 1938], she stipulated that it be named for her father, who had come to California nearly a century before.”

-The Pinnacle, June 25, 1992.

“Some time ago she and her sons deeded 53 acres of the Santa Anita Ranch to the 33rd Agricultural District Association to be used for public recreation.It is a beautiful piece of land dotted with superb oak trees, edged by the San Benito River, and known as Bolado Park in honor of her father. It is the site of the annual Saddle Horse Association Horse Show and Rodeo and the county fair. It has a large swimming pool and golf course and the extensive picnic area with barbeque facilities annually attracts thousands of people from a wide area.”

– Hollister Evening Freelance Article Thursday, January 12, 1967


1923-08: Bolado Park Becomes a County Recreation Center

August, 1923 – Bolado Park became a county recreation center when Julia Bolado Davis gave the San Benito County Farm Bureau a lease on her property.

1873-07-14: Joaquin R. Arques Quitclaims His 1/3 Interest in Rancho Santa Ana Given to His Wife Ellen Arques

Monday, July 14, 1873 – Joaquin R. Arques to his wife Ellen Arques for $5.00 quitclaims his undivided 1/3 interest in 7,680 acres of Rancho Santa Ana

Deeds N p.340, 

v.2 p.311.

It refers to the deed of partition of June 8, 1869 between Bolado and Arques.

Recorded 3:30 PM Monday, July 14, 1873 

1873-06-03: Joaquin R. Arques Gives All of His Share in Rancho Santa Ana and More to His Wife Ellen G. Arques

June 3, 1873 – Joaquin R. Arques to Ellen G. Arques, his wife: deed; consideration of natural love and affection and other valuable consideration: doth give and grant all my right title interest and estate in and to those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land &c being an undivided 1/3 interest to 7,680 acres of land and portion of Rancho Santa Ana and for a more particular description of the lands hereby intended to be conveyed reference is made to a deed of partition dated June 8, 1869 made between Joaquin Bolado and José G. Arques and also to a deed dated November 11, 1871 from Joaquin Bolado to the said José G. Arques.

v.2 p. 309.

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