1848-05: San Franciscans race to the gold country

Only 5 men remained in SF; all others went to Sutter's Fort and the Sierra to prospect.

"Then the people commenced rushing up from San Francisco and other parts of California, in May, 1848: in the former village only five men were left to take care of the women and children. The single men locked their doors and left for “Sutter’s Fort,” and from there to the Eldorado. For some time the people in Monterey and farther south would not believe the news of the gold discovery, and said that it was only a ‘Ruse de Guerre’ of Sutter’s, because he wanted to have neighbors in his wilderness. From this time on I got only too many neighbors, and some very bad ones among them."

Gen. John Sutter's memoirs.



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1848-01-24: Gold Discovered at Sutter’s Mill

Gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, in El Dorado County, above Sutter's Fort.


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