1870-04-28: Horace Hawes sells to Stanly & Blair 1/5th part of 1/20th of Rancho Quien Sabe

April 28, 1870 – Horace Hawes deeds to John A. Stanly & A. W. Blair, consideration legal services rendered with a written contract made between the parties hereto on 8/20/1868,  do by these presents grand bargain sell and convey unto John A. Stanly and A. W. Blair an undivided 1/5th part of an undivided 1/20th part of the tract of land situated in said county of Monterey known as Quien Sabe, the same being a part of the Rancho known as Santa Ana y Quien Sabe, and other lands.

Subject to said contract.  Warranty expressly excepted.

Recorded July 12, 1870.

1869-02-01: Horace Hawes gave his Interest in Rancho Quien Sabe to Thomas H Benton Jones

Monday, February 1, 1869 – Horace Hawes deeded to Thomas H. Benton Jones, minor son of Wm. Carey Jones and grandson of Thomas H Benton late US Senator of Missouri, for $1.00 sold "all my remaining interest" in Rancho Quien Sabe which was in connection to Rancho Santa Ana adjoining, confirmed and patented by the United States to Manuel Larios and the heirs of Anzar; conveying half of his 1/10th of said tract subject to his agreement with the Stanley and Blair attorneys of 8/20/1868, where they try to get partition and in so doing are entitled to 1/5 of his remaining interest; also whatever he deeded to Lynch & Roeding 12/15/1858 is excepted; could not be sold until he is 21, or if he dies before he reaches age 21.

Libr. H of Deeds p. 283

…also 4/15ths of all his interest in Real de los Aguilas.

v2 p.315-317

Recorded 9 AM Friday, March 12, 1869 

1868-12-22: Horace Hawes dispute with Anzar Heirs regarding 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe Purchased from Jones

Tuesday, December 22, 1868 – Frederick A. MacDougall et. al. deed to Horace Hawes: Frederick A. MacDougall, and minors acting through their legal guardian Frederick A. MacDougall: (Juan Francisco Anzar, Anatolio Anzar, Policronio Guadalupe Anzar) Deed to Horace Hawes…

Horace Hawes sued Anzar et. al. 10/5/1868 in Monterey’s 3rd Judicial District Court alleging Juan Miguel Anzar made contract with William Carey Jones 6/20/1851, that Horace Hawes bought; the court awarded Horace Hawes the undivided 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe.

Book H p. 48

v.2 p.224 – said Rancho Quien Sabe contained 5 square leagues of land, more or less.

v.2 p. 217-225

Recorded Saturday, January 2, 1869

1868-10-05: Horace Hawes sued Anzar Heirs claiming Anzar sold 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe to WC Jones which Hawes Bought.

Horace Hawes sued Frederick A. MacDougall et. al. (Juan Miguel Anzar heirs) in Monterey County’s 3rd Judicial District Court alleging Anzar made contract with William Carey Jones 6/20/1851, that Horace Hawes bought; the court awarded Hawes 1/10th of Rancho Quien Sabe.

For particulars, see Liber H of conveyances p 48; 217 abstract v.2 p.215

1868-08-20: Horace Hawes sells to Stanly and Blair 1/5th of 1/20th of Rancho Quien Sabe

Thursday, August 20, 1868 – Horace Hawes of SF in a written contract of this date grants, bargains, sells, conveys (see 4/28/1870 deed) to John A. Stanly and A. W. Blair both of SF an undivided 1/5th part of an undivided 1/20th part of the Quien Sabe, a part of Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe; and the name of the whole of said rancho in pursuance of the act of Congress of the US passed March 3, 1851;  Consideration $1.00 and legal and professional services rendered and in compliance with written contract made between parties 8/20/1868.

v.2 p. 319

Book J of Deeds p.59.

To ascertain and settle private land claims; other parts of other ranchos included; Real de los Aguilas; Las Aromitas y Aqua Caliente; Los Carneros

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1866-11-28: Jose G. Arques granted to Joaquin Bolado to Correct Error in Horace Hawes’ Deed of the Same Day

Wednesday, November 28, 1866 – Jose G. Arques granted to Joaquin Bolado, stating Horace Hawes deed (on the same day) for Rancho Santa Ana was for half to each, when it should have been one undivided third to Arques; two undivided thirds to Bolado.

Consideration $1.00.

Book F p. 490.

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1866-11-28: Horace Hawes Sells His Share of Rancho Santa Ana to Joaquin Bolado & José G. Arques

Wednesday, November 28, 1866 – Horace Hawes granted to Joaquin Bolado & José G. Arques, all of his right and title in Rancho Santa Ana, the portion claimed by Manuel Salvador Larios of Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe.

Book F p. 454 (see also p. 490), $2000

v.1 pp. 55-56.

See the correcting entry that adjusted the share from half to 1/3 for José G. Arques and 2/3rds to Joaquin Bolado.

1865-12-11: Manuel Larios, owner of Rancho Santa Ana, died

Monday, December 11, 1865 – Manuel Larios (b. 1799* in the Pueblo of San Jose de Guadalupe near Mission Santa Clara*) died at 64 [65 or 66*] leaving real estate valued (v.1 p. 87) at $50,000, 5/6th of the Rancho Santa Ana, later (Feb 10, 1866) shown (v.1 p. 90) to be 5.5 leagues at $20,000 with $500 in improvements.

After removing Horace Hawes' 1/10th of 2,441.17 and the 1500 acres he gave to his son (José) Antonio Larios which contained "the place known as the Tres Pinos" which is in his will, from half of 48,822.60 acres which is 24,411.30; his estate at time of death included 20,470.17 acres.

v.1 p. 126.

*Birthdate from "East of the Gabilans" Valley Publishers, c 1976. Marjorie Pierce, p. xii Library of Congress: 76-56566. ISBN: 0-913548-39-1. p. 79

1863-10-07: Horace Hawes granted to Frederick A. MacDougall (an unknown parcel of land)

Wednesday, October 7, 1863: Horace Hawes granted to Frederick A. MacDougall (an unknown parcel of land).

Book E. p. 482

1858-12-15: Horace Hawes grants 1/20th of Santa Anita & Quien Sabe to Lynch & Roeding

Wednesday, December 15, 1858 – Horace Hawes grants his undivided 1/20th of Rancho Santa Anita and Quien Sabe to Francis E. Lynch & Frederick Roeding for $3000

book D. p. 116.

This was referred to in Hawes’ grant to Thomas Benton Jones.
Abstract v.1 p. 43

1858-09-24: James Stokes to Horace Hawes

Friday, September 24, 1858 – James Stokes to Horace Hawes.
Book C. p. 505

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1858-09-16: Willam Carey Jones to Horace Hawes: Sheriff took lands for auction

Thursday, September 16, 1858 – Willam Carey Jones by Henry De Graso Monterey County Sheriff (first party) to Horace Hawes of San Francisco (second party)

book C. p. 490, another deed on p. 494.

P. 490:

It relates to the Rancho San Joaquin o Rosa Morada; 1/10th interest conveyed to Jones by Cruz Cervantes in Book B page 420.

On page 494 it contains pages of information about Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe and adjoining ranches.

Based on a writ of execution from the 12th District Court, in and for San Mateo County; delivered to the Sheriff 10/31/1857; in the action of Horace Hawes vs. William Carey Jones and Charles Brown for $55,888.60; sheriff took the lands described for want of personal property; 12/7/1857; to sell at public auction in front of the courthouse in Monterey for $375.00; Santa Ana y Quien Sabe for 50.00, Real de los Aguilas for 45.00; Los Aromitas y Aqua Caliente for 54.00; Vega del Rio del Pajaro for 100.00; Los Carneros for 86.00, 40.00 for “camino real de en medio”? totalling $375.00, Horace Hawes high bidder.

1857-12-31: Horace Hawes vs. Willam Carey Jones to obtain payment and costs for sale made 12/7/1857

December 31, 1857 – Horace Hawes vs. Willam Carey Jones; by sheriff Henry De Graw to HH, Sheriff's certificate.

Shows sale by virtue of an execution tested 10/31/1857 to obtain $55,888.60 and costs to HH.

Sale made 12/7/1857

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1857-08-21: Manuel Larios sells 1/10th of Santa Ana to Horace Hawes

Friday, August 21, 1857: Manuel Larios deeds to Horace Hawes for professional services rendered 1/10th of Santa Ana after partition from Anzar; in a square form on San Benito River including "Ranchito de Lenterio."

Book C. p. 179.

see also book F p. 453.

Abstract v.1 p. 37

A survey was never done, so it became an undivided 1/10th of M. Larios's share

Abstract v.1 p 37, v.1 p.125.

Said to be equal to 2,441.17 acres

Abstract v.1 p.126.

Frederick A. MacDougall was a witness.

1854-08-21: Manuel Larios to Horace Hawes: [Unknown Transaction]

August 21, 1854: Manuel Larios to Horace Hawe: [Unknown Transaction].

Book C, P 179

Recorded August 24, 1854.

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1853-11-19: Hawes Receives from Larios One Tenth of [Unknown Parcel]

Saturday, November 19, 1853 – Horace Hawes, Lawyer, receives from Don Manuel Larios, for legal help with the land commission for Ranchito de San Antonio near the Pueblo de San Juan Bautista; one tenth (decimo) of the confirmed territory (what territory?) (in Spanish).

Agreements, Book A, p. 54.

NOTE: Did Horace Hawes own 1/10th of the Quien Sabe that he bought from William Carey Jones (which could have actually been 1/20th of the combined Santa Ana y Quien Sabe); and this new 1/10th of Manuel Larios’ Santa Ana (which was also still a part of the combined ranch?)? If so, then he owned 1/10th of the combined Santa Ana y Quien Sabe ranch.

1853-10-25: William Carey Jones sold his share (of 1 undivided tenth of Quien Sabe) to Horace Hawes.

Tuesday, October 25, 1853 – William Carey Jones sold his share (of 1 undivided tenth of Quien Sabe) to Horace Hawes.

Abstract v.2 p.218, p. 216.

See also 9/1/1854

NOTE: But was it really 1 undivided 20th of the combined ranch? Because the ranch was later found to be a contiguous whole; and not divided between Rancho Santa Ana and Rancho Quien Sabe.