1867-08-09: Joaquin Bolado & José G. Arques buy Manuel Salvador Larios’ Minor Heirs’ Shares in Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe

Friday, August 9, 1867 – Manuel Salvador Larios’ minor heirs’ (Estolano & Patrocinio Larios) portion was sold to Joaquin Bolado and José G. Arques at 12:16 in front of the Plaza Hotel in San Juan Bautista.

Guardian Frederick A. MacDougall sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash U.S. gold coin; each minors’ share of 2047 acres.

At such sale Joaquin Bolado and Jose G. Arques became the purchasers of the interests of each for $3350 for the interest of each of them amounting in the aggregate $6700 in US Gold coin to be paid on confirmation of said sale by said court; Bolado 2/3rds, Arques 1/3 owners.

v.1 p.146.

Source also: East of the Gabilans, p. 121.

1853-02-16: Anzar estate: Special term of Monterey County Probate Court

Wednesday, February 16, 1853: Special term of Monterey County Probate Court for will of JM Anzar.

Libr B of Wills, p. 13.

Letters testimentary issued to Jose Antonio Anzar and Maria Antonia Castro de Anzar according to the petition & without bond.

Letters of guardianship of Juan Francisco Anzar, Anatolio and Policronio de Guadalupe heirs, and Maria Barbara, the adopted child of said Juan Miguel Anzar. Order appointing appraisers; Ja (sic) MacDougall, Kodoro (sic) (Teodoro) Castellano and Estebano de la Torre.

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