1873-06-02: Murphy sells his Entire Half Interest in Rancho Santa Ana & Hollister Lots to Arques Brothers

Monday, June 2, 1873 – Martin Murphy of Sunnyvale (to Arques brothers) grants for consideration of $27,000 to the Arques Brothers his entire (HALF) interest in lots in Hollister and 7,935 acres on Rancho Santa Ana.

Deeds N p. 195

Recorded 4:30 PM Wednesday, June 4, 1873

1873-05-14: Teresa Arques de Casals of Barcelona sells her share of Rancho Santa Ana & Hollister Lots to Murphy

May 14, 1873 — Teresa Arques de Casals (to Martin Murphy) wife of Buenaventura Casals of Barcelona grants to Martin Murphy for $4000 her share of 7,935 acres of the Rancho Santa Ana and lots in Hollister.

Libr. A of Deeds p. 327

1872-12-12: Murphy buys Half of Arques Estate 7,935 ac of Rancho Santa Ana & Hollister Lots from Spanish Heirs Before Distribution

Thursday, December 12, 1872 – José G. Arques Estate: from Spanish cousins to Martin Murphy.

José G Arques et. al. (cousins in Spain named in his will) granted to Martin Murphy their share of 7,935 acres of Rancho Santa Ana and lots in Hollister — before distribution — so Murphy becomes entitled to 1/2 the José G. Arques estate (the shares of the cousins in Spain) in this grant to Martin Murphy of Santa Clara for $24,000.

Book Deeds M. p. 457.

It refers to partition deed from Bolado to Arques of 6/8/1869, and a 11/11/1871 deed from Bolado to Arques.

1872-01-04: José G. Arques Estate: Will Filed.

Monday, January 8, 1872 – Jose G. Arques' will endorsed and filed by his brother Joaquin R. Arques.

José G. Arques' will (dated 17 Oct 1867 at age 28) described an estate valued at $32,000:

  • Lots in Hollister valued at $2000
  • (~7900) 7935.14 (see v2 p.282) acres in Rancho Santa Ana valued at the sum of $20,000
  • 2779 acres in Rancho Quien Sabe valued at $7000

Entitled to half of residue are 6 cousins living in Barcelona, Spain:

  • Jose Arques 35
  • Endalda Arques 33
  • Magdalena Arques 31
  • Filomana Arques 29
  • Teresa Arques 27
  • Maria Arques 25 (v.2 p.276, 304)

[note that Martin Murphy later bought their combined half share before distribution],

Entitled to the other half of residue are his 3 brothers:

  • Clemente Arques (20) (all brothers are of Santa Clara county)
  • Joaquin R. Arques [executor] (27)
  • Luis Arques [executor] (22)

Brothers get undivided 1/6th each of estate

v.2 p.271, 292

1871-12-26: José G. Arques died in Hollister at 32

Tuesday, December 26, 1871 – José G. Arques died in Hollister (1839-1871: age 32)

v.2 p. 303, p.280, p. 275,

At the time of his death, he owned 7935.14 acres

v.2 p. 282, p. 293

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1868-11-19 San Justo Homestead Association sets aside 100 acres for the town of Hollister

November 19, 1868: 

From http://www.sanbenitocountychamber.com/history.htm :


It was during this time that young Colonel William Welles Hollister arrived from the Ohio Valley with about 2,000 head of sheep. Finding the land abundant in wild oat hay, the perfect nutrition for flock and herd livestock, Hollister purchased the land that would someday bear his name. Colonel Hollister left San Benito County for Santa Barbara, selling his land, about 21,000 acres, to a newly formed group of civic-minded citizens called the San Justo Homestead Association. Since there was already an abundance of Spanish place names in the area, the Association decided to name the new town "Hollister" after the man who had sold them the property.

The Association auctioned off property to the highest bidder November 19, 1868, setting aside approximately 100 acres for the town of Hollister. This parcel was divided into blocks and lots which ran on a grid bounded by North, South, East, and West Streets. Building lots were quite narrow, so some buyers purchased two or three lots in order to build larger homes with barns, pump houses and carriage houses. A corner lot sold for the impressive sum of $200 while other lots sold for $100 each.

Growth in the new town proceeded rapidly with new homes and businesses springing up. On August 29, 1872, Hollister was officially incorporated as a city and by 1874 had secured its place as the most important city in the area when San Benito County was formed and Hollister was named the county seat.

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