1867-03-13: Manuel Salvador Larios Estate: Final Account & Petition for Distribution Filed

Wednesday, March 13, 1867 – Manuel Salvador Larios estate: Final account and petition for distribution filed;

  • Maria Rosario Armas de Larios
  • Jose Maria Larios
  • Manuel L. Larios Jr.
  • Gracia Larios
  • (José) Antonio Larios
  • (Jose) Dolores Larios
  • Martina Larios de Soto, (wife of) Deogracio Soto
  • Guadelupe Larios de Quiñones, (wife of) Reyes Quiñones
  • Minor Patrocinio Larios (age 16) has Frederick A. MacDougall as guardian (since both his mother and now father are dead)
  • Minor Estolano Larios 10 who has no guardian

The non-minors have already conveyed (sold) their shares to Joaquin Bolado and Jose G. Arques; the will should be distributed as folllows; to Bolado and Arques 8 undivided 10th parts.

For Patrocinio Larios 1 undivided 10th part;

To Estolano Larios 1 undivided 10th part.

v. 1 p. 95

1866-01-09: Manuel Salvador Larios Estate Petition Filed by Maria del Rosaria Armas de Larios

Tuesday, January 9, 1866 – Manuel Larios estate; petition filed by his 3rd wife and Executrix Maria del Rosaria Armas de Larios, 54.

Manuel Larios died 12/11/1865 at 64.

His children with Maria Antonia de Jesus Pacheco:

  • José Maria Larios 41 (b. ~1823-1824)
  • Manuel L. Larios Jr., 37 (b. ~1828) (of Contra Costa County)
  • (Juliana) Martina Larios de Soto, 35 (b. ~1830) (Married to Deo Gracia Soto)
  • Gracia (de las Mercedes) Larios, 31 (male, b. ~1834)
  • (José) Antonio Larios, 30 (b. ~1835)
  • (Maria) Guadelupe Larios de Quiñones, 26, (b. ~1839) (a.k.a Lupe) wife of Reyes Quiñones (later married to Luciano Salas from Sonora, Mexico)
  • (José) Dolores Larios, 22 (b. ~1843)
  • Patrocinio Larios, 16 (b. ~1849)

His child with Maria del Rosaria Armas de Larios:

  • Estolano Larios, 10 (b. May 26, 1855)

…all from Monterey County.

v. 1 p. 81

See also: http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/AF/family_group_record.asp?familyid=8534097&frompage=99

See also: http://fp1.centurytel.net/Warren_Genealogy/Larios.htm

NOTE:  Ages above recorded at date of the death of Manuel Salvador Larios. Birth years estimated from ages and other genealogical sources.  Names in parentheses are either not the names recorded on this document, or those not commonly used (as in the case of the two younger Josés). For a fictional story based on the true-life recollections of Estolano Larios and his family, read "California Dons" by Ralph LeRoy Milliken, Valley Publishers, Fresno, CA, c. 1956, 1967.

1855-11-09: Lease to Lynch and Roeding of San Francisco by Larios

Friday, November 9, 1855: Lease to Francis E. Lynch & Frederick Roeding of San Francisco by Manuel Larios, Jose Maria Larios, Manuel Larios Jr., Juliana Martina Larios de Soto and Melicia Soto – ???, Garcia (sic: Gracia) de las Mercedes Larios:

Partition of Rancho Santa Anita and Quien Sabe set off and awarded to Larios as recorded in Book A of agreements pp 64.

5 years from 1 Jan 1856 for a yearly rent of $2000 payable half yearly; excepting Hawes/Jones tenth interest.

NOTE: This must have been only part of Rancho Santa Anita, not Quien Sabe.