1878-08-29: Bolados, Abregos Grant to Augustias Abrego de Webb Subdivision of Rancho Noche Buena

Thursday, August 29, 1878 – Joaquin & Julia Josepha Abrego de Bolado of San Francisco, Abdel Abrego of San Benito County, Ismael Abrego of Alameda County, and Rosamel Abrego of Monterey County – all grant and release unto Augustias Abrego de Webb Subdivision 5 of Rancho Noche Buena. (Part of which was later to become Seaside).

Deeds Y p. 20

1875-03-22: Bolado Sells Rancho Santa Ana and Part of Rancho Quien Sabe (9309+ ac.) to Hernandez

1875-03-22: SBC – Bolado to Hernandez (listed as Stanislaus)

Joaquin Bolado To Estanislao Hernandez. This conveyance made this twenty second day of the month of March A.D. Eighteen hundred and seventy five by Joaquin Bolado of the City and County of San Francisco in the State of California Grantor to Estanislao Hernandez late of the County of San Benito and now of the County of Santa Clara in the said State of California Grantee.

Witnesseth That for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred ten thousand dollars (110,000.00) in gold paid and secured to be paid by the said Grantee to the said Grantor the said Grantor hath this day granted and conveyed and by these Presents doth grant and convey unto the said Grantee and to his heirs executors administrators and assigns forever all those certain tracts of land situate in the county of San Benito in Said State and being part of the Rancho called and Known as Santa Ana and described as follows viz

Lots numbered on the map thereof made by S.W. Smith in May A.D. 1868

Twenty-five (25)
Twenty-eight (28)
Twenty-nine (29)
Thirty (30)
Thirty-one (31)
Thirty-two (32)
Thirty-three (33)
Thirty-four (34)
Thirty-five (35)
Thirty-six (36)
Thirty-seven (37)
Thirty-eight (38)
Thirty-nine (39)
Forty (40)
Forty-one (41)
Forty-two (42)

And that portion of lot twenty-four (24) which was conveyed to said Grantor by one Juan Yndart on the twenty third day of December A.D. 1873 by conveyance of record in Monterey County in Book O of deeds at page four hundred and fifty seven thereof and following and that portion of the Rancho Quien Sabe conveyed by the said Grantee herein to said Granto herein on the fifteenth day of December 1873 and of record in said Book O at page 456 thereof the whole of said tract hereby conveyed forming one body and containing nine thousand and three hundred and nine 81/100 (9309 81/100) acres of land a little more or less.

Together with all the rights, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining

To have and to Hold the same unto the said Grantee, his heirs executors administrators and assigns forever

In witness Whereof the said Grantor hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written
Signed sealed and delivered in presence of (Note the Words part of the rancho)
State of California City and County of San Francisco

Joa. n. Bolado (Seal)
SS on this twenty second day of March in the year of one thousand eight hundred and seventy five before me Philip Mahter an Notary public in and for the said city and county personally appeared Joaq. Bolado known to me to be the person whose name is subscribe to the within instrument…

Recorded at the request of WF& Co (Wells Fargo?)
March 25, AD 1875 at 20 Min past 4 P.M. in Book 1 of Deeds Pages 587 + fol.

N.M. Hayes, Recorder

SBC: Book 1, p. 587

1874-02-12: San Benito County Created from Monterey County

February 12, 1874: "On February 12, 1874 Governor Newton Booth signed a bill creating a new county from part of Monterey county and named it after the valley.  The county seat was established 7 miles east of San Juan Bautista in the rapidly growing town of Hollister."

"The county population grew so quickly that 13 years later the State Legislature expanded the county boundaries and parts of Merced and Fresno counties were incorporated into it. The boundaries have remained unchanged since 1887."


1873-09-13: Bolado and Arques Brothers sell 351+ Ac of Rancho Santa Ana to Hernandez

Saturday, September 13, 1873 – Joaquin Bolado (of San Francisco) & surviving heirs of José G. Arques, Joaquin R. (of Santa Clara County), Clemente C., and Luis Arques (both of Monterey County) grant to Estanislao Hernandez for $2,460.00 all that portion of Santa Ana Rancho; (complex description) containing 351.52 acres.

Deeds O, p. 92

Recorded 4 PM Thursday, September 18, 1873

1872-06-03: Bolado gives ~2 Acres to Monterey County for Tres Pinos Road

Monday, June 3, 1872 – Joaquin Bolado of San Francisco to the County of Monterey for $5.00; land by where Tres Pinos Road crosses the dividing line between Bolado's property and that of Charles Avy; for a public road; about 2 acres. $5.00

Deeds L p. 179

Recorded Monday, June 24, 1872