1872-12-02: Half of Arques Estate Sold Conditionally to Juan Yndart

Monday, December 2, 1872 – Owners of half of the Arques estate to Juan Yndart.

Brothers Joaquin R. Arques of Santa Clara County and Luis and Clemente Arques of Monterey County agreed to sell:

  • lots 24 and 20
  • the part of lot 19 west of Santa Ana Valley Road
  • lots 23 and 25, the eastern boundary of the two last named lots being the Santa Ana Valley Road as now traveled
  • the whole tract known as the "pasture field" being enclosed and a part of Santa Ana Rancho, and currently leased to Yndart

…to Yndart (conditional on securing title) who paid $15K 1/1/1873 in gold in SF.

The brothers needed time to complete title ownership. Yndart was to pay $15K 1/1/1874 in gold in San Francisco the final day.

v.2 p.295

Yndart owned half of the José G. Arques Estate' share, Martin Murphy owned the rest?

Agreements Book 2, pp. 1-3. v2 p.295

Recorded Monday, January 6, 1873.