1873-08-04: Avy Sells Parcels of Rancho Santa Ana Lands to Arques Brothers

Monday, August 4, 1873 – Charles Avy (1st party) sold to Luis & Clemente Arques (2nd party) who paid to Avy $23,466 gold coin

  • land near Tres Pinos Creek beginning at a stake in the center of the Arroyo Joaquin Soto from which a cottonwood tree marked SAR… (COMPLEX DESCRIPTION) southwest corner of Rancho Santa Ana; along western boundary line of Rancho Santa Anita; 941 acres; being a part of lands described in agreement between Joaquin Bolado and José G. Arques July 15, 1868 in Book A of Agreements, p. 305
  • lands (complex description) described in the deed thereof from Charles Avy (first party) herein to Justo Sotello dated February 26 1872 in Book J of Deeds p. 579
  • lands from the Avy Patent. 

Deeds N. p. 388.

1871-04-06: Patent – State of California to Charles Avy; 500ac, 313+ac, 320ac

April 6, 1871 – Patent: State of California to Charles Avy.

United States of America, State of California.

To all whom these presents shall come greeting. Whereas under the provisions of the several acts of the Congress of the United States, entitled "An Act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of the public lands and to Grant Pre-emption Rights" approved September 4, 1841, 500.000 acres of the Public lands were granted to the State of California and an act entitled "An Act to provide for the survey of the public lands in California the granting of Preemption rights therein and for other purposes approved March 3rd 1853 10 sections of land were granted for the erection of Public Buildings and 72 sections for a seminary of learning also the 16th and 36th sections of each Township in said state also an act entitled "an act donating public lands to the several states and territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanical arts" approved July 2nd, 1862, 150 m. acres of the public lands were also granted to said state, and whereas the legislature of the State of California have provided for the sale and conveyance of said lands by statutes enacted from time to time, and whereas it appears by the certificate of the register of the State Land Office No 592 issued in accordance with the provisions __ law and that Charles Avy is entitled to receive a Patent therefore.

Now therefore; the State of California hereby grants to the said Charles Avy and to his heirs and assigns forever the said tracts of land located as aforesaid and which are known and described as follows: to wit; lot no1 in sec 21, lots no.s 1,2,3,4 5 SW 1/4 of NW 1/4, NW 1/4 of SE 1/4, and WE 1/4 of SE 1/4 of sec 28 in township 13SRCE Mount Diablo Meridian containing 313.82 acres taken in lieu of 320 acres together with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto appertaining and belonging. To have and to hold the aforegranted premises to the said Charles Avy and to his heirs and assigns to his and their use and behalf forever.

In testimony where of JHH Haight Governor of the State of California have caused these letters to be made Patent and the seal of the the State of California to be hereunto affixed.

Libr. __ of patents p. 250

Recorded August 14, 1871 10 AM.

Bio of Henry Haight: http://www.californiagovernors.ca.gov/h/biography/governor_10.html

1869-02-01: Horace Hawes gave his Interest in Rancho Quien Sabe to Thomas H Benton Jones

Monday, February 1, 1869 – Horace Hawes deeded to Thomas H. Benton Jones, minor son of Wm. Carey Jones and grandson of Thomas H Benton late US Senator of Missouri, for $1.00 sold "all my remaining interest" in Rancho Quien Sabe which was in connection to Rancho Santa Ana adjoining, confirmed and patented by the United States to Manuel Larios and the heirs of Anzar; conveying half of his 1/10th of said tract subject to his agreement with the Stanley and Blair attorneys of 8/20/1868, where they try to get partition and in so doing are entitled to 1/5 of his remaining interest; also whatever he deeded to Lynch & Roeding 12/15/1858 is excepted; could not be sold until he is 21, or if he dies before he reaches age 21.

Libr. H of Deeds p. 283

…also 4/15ths of all his interest in Real de los Aguilas.

v2 p.315-317

Recorded 9 AM Friday, March 12, 1869 

1864-04-18: Patent: Combined Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe: Manuel Larios et. al received final signature

April 18, 1864: Patent: Combined Ranch: Manuel Larios et. al received final signature

v.1 p.23

1860-05-01: President James Buchanan issues patent for Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe

Tuesday, May 1, 1860 – President James Buchanan in Washington issues United States patent for the Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe grant. The patent was issued for the combined ranch — and it described its boundaries — to Manuel Larios et. al (including the heirs of Juan Miguel Anzar: Frederick A. MacDougall, Anatolio Anzar, Juan Francisco Anzar and Policronio Anzar).

The grant was originally issued Monday, April 8, 1839 by Governor of Alta California Juan B. Alvarado to claimants Manuel Larios and Juan Miguel Anzar.

California State Map ID number: MC 4:4-574 Grant number: 237.

Book A Patents p 55-62.

“To all whom these presents shall come: Greeting”

Book 1 pp. 9-23




1859-05-03: Survey of Divided Santa Ana and Quien Sabe Ranches approved

Tuesday, May 3, 1859 – Survey of the divided ranches for the United States excluded an equal amount of land from both Santa Ana and Quien Sabe ranches; the survey was finally approved by the Surveyor General and the lands embraced in the survey are the same as in the Patent.

Abstract v.2 p. 253

That the area of Rancho Santa Anita north of said division line is 31,000 Acres; that the area of Rancho Quien Sabe is 17822.60 Acres.

That Rancho Santa Ana contains more agricultural lands than Rancho Quien Sabe and is of more easy access. The pastoral lands are of equal value acre for acre, but from 1851 to 1865 Quien Sabe was the best cattle rancho because it was easier to keep cattle in it and they could range from the mountains which divides from Santa Ana as far as the San Joaquin River.

Bolado/Arques suit v2 p.254.- Sept 8, 1870 (?)