1869-06-08: Juan Francisco Anzar sold his interest in Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe and Real de los Aguilas to Estanislao Hernandez

Tuesday, June 8, 1869 – Juan Francisco Anzar granted, bargained and sold to Estanislao Hernandez, both of Monterey County, consideration $35,000, all his right title and interest in Rancho Santa Ana and Quien Sabe; containing eleven Spanish leagues, and the Rancho Real de los Aguilas abutting on the Rancho de los Paicines.

Book H p. 518

Recorded 9 AM Friday, June 11, 1869

-Juan Francisco ANZAR to Estanislao HERNANDEZ; interest in Real de los Aguilas, Santa Ana y Quien Sabe and Vega del Rio del Pajaro Ranchos; $35,000 June 19, 1869


By Chris Havnar
(Originally submitted by: Dee Sardoch )
The Castroville ‘Argus’
June, 1869 Castroville, Monterey

1869-02-01: Horace Hawes gave his Interest in Rancho Quien Sabe to Thomas H Benton Jones

Monday, February 1, 1869 – Horace Hawes deeded to Thomas H. Benton Jones, minor son of Wm. Carey Jones and grandson of Thomas H Benton late US Senator of Missouri, for $1.00 sold "all my remaining interest" in Rancho Quien Sabe which was in connection to Rancho Santa Ana adjoining, confirmed and patented by the United States to Manuel Larios and the heirs of Anzar; conveying half of his 1/10th of said tract subject to his agreement with the Stanley and Blair attorneys of 8/20/1868, where they try to get partition and in so doing are entitled to 1/5 of his remaining interest; also whatever he deeded to Lynch & Roeding 12/15/1858 is excepted; could not be sold until he is 21, or if he dies before he reaches age 21.

Libr. H of Deeds p. 283

…also 4/15ths of all his interest in Real de los Aguilas.

v2 p.315-317

Recorded 9 AM Friday, March 12, 1869