1878-08-23: Sheriff’s Sale – de Laveaga vs. Roeding, Hernandez and Arias de Hernandez re Rancho Quien Sabe

August 15, 1878 Hollister Telegraph

August 23, 1878 – Sheriff’s Sale — Dolores Aguirre de LAVEAGA, Plaintiff vs. Frederick ROEDING, Estanislao HERNANDEZ, and Vicitation Arias de HERNANDEZ, Defendants; Order of sale on foreclosure of mortgage…Rancho known as ‘Quien Sabe’…[description of location]… sale date, Friday, the 23rd day of Aug. 1878…to satisfy judgment of $121,165.10…


1869-02-01: Horace Hawes gave his Interest in Rancho Quien Sabe to Thomas H Benton Jones

Monday, February 1, 1869 – Horace Hawes deeded to Thomas H. Benton Jones, minor son of Wm. Carey Jones and grandson of Thomas H Benton late US Senator of Missouri, for $1.00 sold "all my remaining interest" in Rancho Quien Sabe which was in connection to Rancho Santa Ana adjoining, confirmed and patented by the United States to Manuel Larios and the heirs of Anzar; conveying half of his 1/10th of said tract subject to his agreement with the Stanley and Blair attorneys of 8/20/1868, where they try to get partition and in so doing are entitled to 1/5 of his remaining interest; also whatever he deeded to Lynch & Roeding 12/15/1858 is excepted; could not be sold until he is 21, or if he dies before he reaches age 21.

Libr. H of Deeds p. 283

…also 4/15ths of all his interest in Real de los Aguilas.

v2 p.315-317

Recorded 9 AM Friday, March 12, 1869 

1864-03-09: Roeding granted to Lynch for $1000 one half of one undivided 20th of Santa Ana and Quien Sabe

Wednesday, March 9, 1864: Frederick Roeding granted to Francisco E. Lynch for $1000 all of his right title etc. of one half of one undivided 20th of Santa Ana and Quien Sabe.

Book E p. 581, v. 1 p. 47

1861-11-08: Lynch & Roeding sold to Hernandez an undivided one twentieth of Rancho Quien Sabe

Friday, November 8, 1861 – Francis E. Lynch & Frederick Roeding granted to Estanislao (Estanislas) Hernandez for $1700 an undivided one twentieth of Rancho Quien Sabe only; after partition from Rancho Santa Ana.

Source: Book E. p. 134, v.1 p. 49

1858-12-15: Horace Hawes grants 1/20th of Santa Anita & Quien Sabe to Lynch & Roeding

Wednesday, December 15, 1858 – Horace Hawes grants his undivided 1/20th of Rancho Santa Anita and Quien Sabe to Francis E. Lynch & Frederick Roeding for $3000

book D. p. 116.

This was referred to in Hawes’ grant to Thomas Benton Jones.
Abstract v.1 p. 43

1857-05-26: Roeding and Lynch mortgage from Manuel L. Larios one 16th of Santa Ana Rancho

May 26, 1857: Roeding and Lynch mortgage from Manuel L. Larios one undivided 16th of Rancho Santa Ana; $500, 3%/month

1857-05-26: Roeding and Lynch cancelled mortgage with Jose Maria Larios

May 26, 1857 – Roeding and Lynch cancelled the mortgage with Jose Maria Larios.

(the same day they wrote new mortgages with him and with Manuel L. Larios; have the same terms.)

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1857-01-24: Roeding and Lynch mortgage one undivided 16th of Rancho Santa Ana

Roeding and Lynch mortgage from Gracia Larios one undivided 16th of Rancho Santa Ana for $500, 3%/month

Book A of Mortgages, pp 427

1856-11-26: Mortgage – Jose Maria Larios to Lynch and Roeding

Wednesday November 26, 1856: Mortgage from Jose Maria Larios to F. E. Lynch and Fred K. Roeding; one undivided 16th; to secure payment of $500 six months after date at interest of 3% per month.

Book A of Mortgages p. 399.

Canceled on margin May 26 1857 by Lynch and Roeding by J.R. Beale their attorney.

1855-11-09: Lease to Lynch and Roeding of San Francisco by Larios

Friday, November 9, 1855: Lease to Francis E. Lynch & Frederick Roeding of San Francisco by Manuel Larios, Jose Maria Larios, Manuel Larios Jr., Juliana Martina Larios de Soto and Melicia Soto – ???, Garcia (sic: Gracia) de las Mercedes Larios:

Partition of Rancho Santa Anita and Quien Sabe set off and awarded to Larios as recorded in Book A of agreements pp 64.

5 years from 1 Jan 1856 for a yearly rent of $2000 payable half yearly; excepting Hawes/Jones tenth interest.

NOTE: This must have been only part of Rancho Santa Anita, not Quien Sabe.