1868-10-30: Bolado & Arques sell 437.5 of Rancho Santa Ana to Rucker & Bohen

Friday, October 30, 1868 – Joaquin Bolado & Joseph E. Arques both of SF, to Joseph E. Rucker & Daniel E. Bohen for $6,125.00 part of the Santa Ana Rancho; complex description of 437.50 acres except for a strip on the western boundary 30 feet wide for a public highway; defending the deal against claims by Peter [Pedro] Carlos.

Book H p. 301

Recorded 9:08 AM Saturday, March 13, 1869

1868-08-24: Bolado, Arques & Castaños sell to Rucker & Weller 528+ Acres of Rancho Santa Ana

Monday, August 24, 1868 – Joaquin Bolado, José G. Arques, Bartolome Castaños of San Francisco deed to Joseph E. Rucker & H.O. Weller of Santa Clara for consideration $4230 gold coin a portion of Rancho Santa Ana: 528 & 85/00ths acres

Book G p. 465