1868-11-19 San Justo Homestead Association sets aside 100 acres for the town of Hollister

November 19, 1868: 

From http://www.sanbenitocountychamber.com/history.htm :


It was during this time that young Colonel William Welles Hollister arrived from the Ohio Valley with about 2,000 head of sheep. Finding the land abundant in wild oat hay, the perfect nutrition for flock and herd livestock, Hollister purchased the land that would someday bear his name. Colonel Hollister left San Benito County for Santa Barbara, selling his land, about 21,000 acres, to a newly formed group of civic-minded citizens called the San Justo Homestead Association. Since there was already an abundance of Spanish place names in the area, the Association decided to name the new town "Hollister" after the man who had sold them the property.

The Association auctioned off property to the highest bidder November 19, 1868, setting aside approximately 100 acres for the town of Hollister. This parcel was divided into blocks and lots which ran on a grid bounded by North, South, East, and West Streets. Building lots were quite narrow, so some buyers purchased two or three lots in order to build larger homes with barns, pump houses and carriage houses. A corner lot sold for the impressive sum of $200 while other lots sold for $100 each.

Growth in the new town proceeded rapidly with new homes and businesses springing up. On August 29, 1872, Hollister was officially incorporated as a city and by 1874 had secured its place as the most important city in the area when San Benito County was formed and Hollister was named the county seat.

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