1875-03-19: Bandit Tiburcio Vasquez Hanged in San Jose

From the New York Tribune: 

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19. — The bandit Vasquez was executed to-day at San José. No attempt was made at a rescue, though one was feared a day or two ago. Everything passed off quietly. Vasquez asserted to the last his innocence of the crime of murder at any time during his career, but acknowledged the justice of his fate, having been the leader of a murderous band. The coolness he displayed throughout his imprisonment did not desert him, but he maintained his fortitude to the last. The execution took place at 1:35 p.m. He died without a struggle. The body was given to his friends for interment.


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1873-08-26: Tiburcio Vasquez raided Augustus Snyder’s Paicines Store

August, 1873 – Tiburcio Vasquez raided Augustus Snyder's General Store in the present-day Paicines (In 1873 it was called Tres Pinos).


Quicksilver Country, Frusetta, p. 14