1875-05-31: Luis and Clemente Arques Sell [Unknown Parcel] to Hernandez

1875-05-31: SBC – Luis and Clement Arques to Estanislao Hernandez [unknown transaction].
SBC: Book 2, p. 52


1875-05-22: Newspaper story of a Visit to the New Hernandez Residence at Rancho Quien Sabe

San Benito Advance
22 May 1875

From Tres Pinos to the Quien Sabe Rancho

By invitation of a friend, we are induced to visit the residence of Señor HERNANDEZ, which is situated about 10 miles from Tres Pinos, in a southeasterly direction. Passing through the lands of Juan INDARTE on what is now declared a county road, we enter upon the domain lately owned by Señor BOLADO. On each side of our way we pass an extensive hill range over which the cattle roam in quiet retirement. After passing through several gates we catch a view of attractive fields of grain swayed into wavy motion by the zephyrs of the hills. Stately and brave old oaks stand like the sentinels of time forming groves of shade and furnishing a harbor for the little birds that whistle out their notes of melody and make “music in the air.” A farmhouse, outhouses, stables, barns, corrals, water tanks, and other improvements here represent the late home of Senor BOLADO. The house is well surrounded with shade trees and shrubbery and a well-cultivated garden is in the rear, where the vine, fig, cherry, peach, orange, cypress and blue gums grow and flourish. Water for irrigation and farm wants is conveyed from a mountain spring and the supply is about to be augmented by connection with a spring more distant. Springs about in every part of this extensive ranch. The wisdom of Señor BOLADO is exhibited in dividing the ranch into enclosed fields. All are fenced and all embrace a spring of water. The arrangement is an excellent one for the accommodation of stock. From our elevated point of observation, the eye ranges over a large part of the land recently purchased by Señor HERNANDEZ for $140,000. We learn that this gentleman contemplates moving his residence from Buena Vista ranch to this beautiful locality. He should also transfer the name of Buena Vista. We proceed on our way with our influential friend, whom we were fortunate in having with us, as he is one of the most expert gate openers and linguists in the country. We arrived before noon at HERNANDEZ’ ranch and were introduced to Jesus HERNANDEZ and Mr. MARSDEN, who treated us with gentlemanly consideration and courtesy. We had arrived at a busy time. 35 shearers were at work stripping the sheep of their fleeces and we looked upon the operation of shearing with some interest. Señor HERNANDEZ has but 1 shearing annually, so that his wool is always long and heavy–we were astonished to find some fleeces weigh 13 and 14 pounds each. Señor HERNANDEZ has directed his intelligent attention to the improvement of breeds and has among his immense flocks, through his experiments, a very superior stock. The general arrangement and management of the business is as perfect as possible and reflect credit upon Mr. HERNANDEZ and his assistants.

1875-03-22: Bolado Sells Rancho Santa Ana and Part of Rancho Quien Sabe (9309+ ac.) to Hernandez

1875-03-22: SBC – Bolado to Hernandez (listed as Stanislaus)

Joaquin Bolado To Estanislao Hernandez. This conveyance made this twenty second day of the month of March A.D. Eighteen hundred and seventy five by Joaquin Bolado of the City and County of San Francisco in the State of California Grantor to Estanislao Hernandez late of the County of San Benito and now of the County of Santa Clara in the said State of California Grantee.

Witnesseth That for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred ten thousand dollars (110,000.00) in gold paid and secured to be paid by the said Grantee to the said Grantor the said Grantor hath this day granted and conveyed and by these Presents doth grant and convey unto the said Grantee and to his heirs executors administrators and assigns forever all those certain tracts of land situate in the county of San Benito in Said State and being part of the Rancho called and Known as Santa Ana and described as follows viz

Lots numbered on the map thereof made by S.W. Smith in May A.D. 1868

Twenty-five (25)
Twenty-eight (28)
Twenty-nine (29)
Thirty (30)
Thirty-one (31)
Thirty-two (32)
Thirty-three (33)
Thirty-four (34)
Thirty-five (35)
Thirty-six (36)
Thirty-seven (37)
Thirty-eight (38)
Thirty-nine (39)
Forty (40)
Forty-one (41)
Forty-two (42)

And that portion of lot twenty-four (24) which was conveyed to said Grantor by one Juan Yndart on the twenty third day of December A.D. 1873 by conveyance of record in Monterey County in Book O of deeds at page four hundred and fifty seven thereof and following and that portion of the Rancho Quien Sabe conveyed by the said Grantee herein to said Granto herein on the fifteenth day of December 1873 and of record in said Book O at page 456 thereof the whole of said tract hereby conveyed forming one body and containing nine thousand and three hundred and nine 81/100 (9309 81/100) acres of land a little more or less.

Together with all the rights, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining

To have and to Hold the same unto the said Grantee, his heirs executors administrators and assigns forever

In witness Whereof the said Grantor hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written
Signed sealed and delivered in presence of (Note the Words part of the rancho)
State of California City and County of San Francisco

Joa. n. Bolado (Seal)
SS on this twenty second day of March in the year of one thousand eight hundred and seventy five before me Philip Mahter an Notary public in and for the said city and county personally appeared Joaq. Bolado known to me to be the person whose name is subscribe to the within instrument…

Recorded at the request of WF& Co (Wells Fargo?)
March 25, AD 1875 at 20 Min past 4 P.M. in Book 1 of Deeds Pages 587 + fol.

N.M. Hayes, Recorder

SBC: Book 1, p. 587

1875-03-19: Bandit Tiburcio Vasquez Hanged in San Jose

From the New York Tribune: 

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19. — The bandit Vasquez was executed to-day at San José. No attempt was made at a rescue, though one was feared a day or two ago. Everything passed off quietly. Vasquez asserted to the last his innocence of the crime of murder at any time during his career, but acknowledged the justice of his fate, having been the leader of a murderous band. The coolness he displayed throughout his imprisonment did not desert him, but he maintained his fortitude to the last. The execution took place at 1:35 p.m. He died without a struggle. The body was given to his friends for interment.


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1875-02-13: Bolado sold Rancho Santa Anita to Hernandez: San Benito Advance

Joaquin BOLADO has sold his extensive farm property at Tres Pinos to E. HERNANDEZ for $140,000

San Benito Advance
February 1875

By Chris Havnar (Originally submitted by: Dee Sardoch )

1874-04-25 – Bolado Purchased 2/72 of Land at Sal Si Puedes Cañon & Coal Mine

Saturday, April 25, 1874 – A. Manuel 1st party & Joaquin Bolado; Bolado bought undivided 1/72nd of land starting at Sal Si Puedes canon; containing 640 acres, and an undivided 1/72 of a coal mine.

Bolado also purchased 1/72 part of 640 acres and part of a coal mine from Judge William Webb of Monterey. Bolado paid Webb $400.00 for an undivided 1/72nd of an area described as starting at Sal Si Puedes canon, to Palo Corona to the coast, about 9 miles south of Monterey City; 640 acres; and for an undivided 1/72nd of a coal mine being worked by the Monterey Coal Mining company.

Deeds P p. 424 – 427

Recorded 10:26 AM Friday, May 1, 1874

1874-02-27: Anzar A. by Sheriff to MacDougall

February 1, 1874: Anzar A. by Sheriff to MacDougall

[No more information available]

p. 167

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1874-02-12: San Benito County Created from Monterey County

February 12, 1874: "On February 12, 1874 Governor Newton Booth signed a bill creating a new county from part of Monterey county and named it after the valley.  The county seat was established 7 miles east of San Juan Bautista in the rapidly growing town of Hollister."

"The county population grew so quickly that 13 years later the State Legislature expanded the county boundaries and parts of Merced and Fresno counties were incorporated into it. The boundaries have remained unchanged since 1887."


1874-01-01: Arques Brothers Previously Agreed to Receive Last Payment from Yndart

Thursday, January 1, 1874 – Arques estate: to Yndart. Arques brothers on this date previously agreed to receive the last payment from Yndart who was to pay $15K 1/1/1874 in gold in San Francisco on the final day.

v.2 p.295

1874: Bolado sold the ranch to Hernandez? Per Julia Bolado’s Memoirs

1874 – In her memoirs written in the 1920's, Julia (Dulce) Bolado claimed that in or around 1874, her father Joaquin Bolado sold the ranch to Estanislao Hernandez, and the ranch was returned two years later because the mortgage was never paid.

She did not mention what part of the ranch; perhaps she meant his entire share of Rancho Santa Ana.

1873-12-23: Yndart Granted Bolado 700+ Ac of Rancho Santa Ana to Bolado

Tuesday, December 23, 1873 – Juan Yndart sold to Joaquin Bolado 700.50 acres of Rancho Santa Ana [complex description of the parcel]; for consideration of $5.00.

Recorded 11:31 AM Friday, December 26, 1873

1873-12-15: Hernandez Sold 31+ Ac of Part of Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe to Bolado

Monday, December 15, 1873 – Estanislao Hernandez sold to Joaquin Bolado 31.30 acres of part of Santa Ana y Quien Sabe; for $2017 – [Complex description of the parcel]

v.2 p.313

Deeds O, p. 456

Recorded 11:30 AM Friday, December 26, 1873

1873-09-13: Bolado and Arques Brothers sell 351+ Ac of Rancho Santa Ana to Hernandez

Saturday, September 13, 1873 – Joaquin Bolado (of San Francisco) & surviving heirs of José G. Arques, Joaquin R. (of Santa Clara County), Clemente C., and Luis Arques (both of Monterey County) grant to Estanislao Hernandez for $2,460.00 all that portion of Santa Ana Rancho; (complex description) containing 351.52 acres.

Deeds O, p. 92

Recorded 4 PM Thursday, September 18, 1873

1873-09-05: Arques, L. et al, by Sheriff, E. Hernandez

September 9, 1873: Arques, L. et al, by Sheriff, Estanislao Hernandez.

[No more information available]

p. 92

1873-09-01: Joaquin R. Arques et. al. to Hernandez

1873-09-01: Joaquin R. Arques et. al. to Estanislao Hernandez [unknown transaction].

SBC: Book 2, p. 74

1873-08-30: Joaquin R. & Ellen Arques, Luis & Clemente Arques Sell to Yndart all interest in Rancho Santa Ana

Saturday, August 30, 1873 – Yndart buys land – Joaquin R & Ellen Arques, Clemente C. and Luis Arques sell to Juan Yndart for $30,000 all of their interest in the Santa Ana Rancho; very complex description.

Deeds O, p. 22

Recorded Friday, September 5, 1873

1873-08-26: Tiburcio Vasquez raided Augustus Snyder’s Paicines Store

August, 1873 – Tiburcio Vasquez raided Augustus Snyder's General Store in the present-day Paicines (In 1873 it was called Tres Pinos).


Quicksilver Country, Frusetta, p. 14


1873-08-12: Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in a New Town called Tres Pinos

August 12, 1873 – …"the road had been opened to Hollister on July 13, 1871, and to the terminus at Tres Pinos on August 12,1873"


"Southern Pacific Railroad arrived in a new town called Tres Pinos where it ended. The former Tres Pinos, 4 miles away, was named Paicines."

"San Benito County, Long Ago and Today"; p. 36.

Quicksilver Country, Frusetta, p. 45.

See also: http://www.trespinosinn.com/history.html 

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1873-08-04: Avy Sells Parcels of Rancho Santa Ana Lands to Arques Brothers

Monday, August 4, 1873 – Charles Avy (1st party) sold to Luis & Clemente Arques (2nd party) who paid to Avy $23,466 gold coin

  • land near Tres Pinos Creek beginning at a stake in the center of the Arroyo Joaquin Soto from which a cottonwood tree marked SAR… (COMPLEX DESCRIPTION) southwest corner of Rancho Santa Ana; along western boundary line of Rancho Santa Anita; 941 acres; being a part of lands described in agreement between Joaquin Bolado and José G. Arques July 15, 1868 in Book A of Agreements, p. 305
  • lands (complex description) described in the deed thereof from Charles Avy (first party) herein to Justo Sotello dated February 26 1872 in Book J of Deeds p. 579
  • lands from the Avy Patent. 

Deeds N. p. 388.

1873-07-14: Joaquin R. Arques Quitclaims His 1/3 Interest in Rancho Santa Ana Given to His Wife Ellen Arques

Monday, July 14, 1873 – Joaquin R. Arques to his wife Ellen Arques for $5.00 quitclaims his undivided 1/3 interest in 7,680 acres of Rancho Santa Ana

Deeds N p.340, 

v.2 p.311.

It refers to the deed of partition of June 8, 1869 between Bolado and Arques.

Recorded 3:30 PM Monday, July 14, 1873 

1873-07-12: Arques Brothers received from Martin Murphy Quitclaim to Lands he Sold Them

July 12, 1873 – Arques Brothers received from Martin Murphy a quitclaim to lands he sold them previously.

Deeds N, p. 338

Recorded 11:45 AM Monday, July 14, 1873

1873-06-28: Avy Grants Strip Across His Parcel of Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe to Southern Pacific Railroad.

Saturday, June 28, 1873 – Charles Avy of Monterey in consideration of the benefits to be derived by me in the construction of the SPRR on and across my land known as the Santa Ana y Quien Sabe Rancho and the location of a side track thereon and in further consideration of the sum of one dollar to me in hand paid by the agent of the SPRR; do duly agree to grant and convey to said RR company (the Southern Pacific Railroad) a strip of land one hundred feet wide entirely across my said Rancho to be used for the construction of a line of railroad, and for side track purchased an additional piece of land on each side of said hundred feet strip of land eight hundred feet in length and of an aggregate width including said hundred feet strip to be continuous with the land heretofore conveyed by me to said company; etc.; and all the water which may be needed for railroad purposes.

Libr. b p.52

Recorded 9:30 AM Wednesday, July 2, 1873 

1873-06-03: Joaquin R. Arques Gives All of His Share in Rancho Santa Ana and More to His Wife Ellen G. Arques

June 3, 1873 – Joaquin R. Arques to Ellen G. Arques, his wife: deed; consideration of natural love and affection and other valuable consideration: doth give and grant all my right title interest and estate in and to those certain lots, pieces or parcels of land &c being an undivided 1/3 interest to 7,680 acres of land and portion of Rancho Santa Ana and for a more particular description of the lands hereby intended to be conveyed reference is made to a deed of partition dated June 8, 1869 made between Joaquin Bolado and José G. Arques and also to a deed dated November 11, 1871 from Joaquin Bolado to the said José G. Arques.

v.2 p. 309.

Libr N deeds 204.

1873-06-02: Murphy sells his Entire Half Interest in Rancho Santa Ana & Hollister Lots to Arques Brothers

Monday, June 2, 1873 – Martin Murphy of Sunnyvale (to Arques brothers) grants for consideration of $27,000 to the Arques Brothers his entire (HALF) interest in lots in Hollister and 7,935 acres on Rancho Santa Ana.

Deeds N p. 195

Recorded 4:30 PM Wednesday, June 4, 1873

1873-05-14: Teresa Arques de Casals of Barcelona sells her share of Rancho Santa Ana & Hollister Lots to Murphy

May 14, 1873 — Teresa Arques de Casals (to Martin Murphy) wife of Buenaventura Casals of Barcelona grants to Martin Murphy for $4000 her share of 7,935 acres of the Rancho Santa Ana and lots in Hollister.

Libr. A of Deeds p. 327

1873-05: Julia Bolado born to Joaquin Bolado & Julia Josepha Abrego de Bolado

May, 1873 – Julia (Dulce) Bolado born at home on Sutter Street in San Francisco.

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1873-04-13: Arques Estate: Sale of land to Hernandez Confirmed

April 13, 1873 – José G. Arques estate: sale of land to Estanislao Hernandez confirmed and legal conveyance directed to be made.

NOTE: this sale is of part of Rancho Quien Sabe.

V.2 p. 23.

No more details.

1873-04-01: Arques Estate – Decree of Distribution

Tuesday, April 1, 1873 – Arques Estate: Decree of Distribution.

Brothers Joaquin R, Luis, Clemente C. Arques and Martin Murphy gave consent that the José G. Arques estate may be distributed.

Order entered discharging executors.

v.2 p.287, 293.

Wm H. Webb was the counsel for executors.

1873-03-26: Arques Estate: Spanish Cousins Sold Interests in Rancho to Murphy

March 26, 1873 – Arques Estate: it appearing that all the non-resident heirs interested in said estate (Cousins in Barcelona, Spain) have sold all their interests in said estate to Martin Murphy a resident of the State of California; approved.

1873-01-08: Bolado buys half of Yndart’s share of Arques heirs’ Share of Rancho

Wednesday, January 8, 1873 – Bolado buys half of Juan Yndart's share of Arques' heirs land; Juan Yndart and Joaquin Bolado agree for consideration of $15,000 to be paid by Bolado upon Yndart making a valid conveyance transferring a clear title to the land of undivided half interest and right he has aquired from the Arques brothers Luis, Joaquin and Clemente in various lots described as 3894 acres (v.2 p. 300); the land should border Bolado's existing land.

Book B of Agreements P. 64.

See 12/2/1872.

Recorded 6:20 PM Saturday, September 6, 1873